To activate the Memorandum of Understanding on Standardization and Quality Control, a meeting is held with the Jordanian Standards and Metrology Institution The Ministries of Planning and Higher Education discuss proposals to improve technical education in Iraq In preparation for the implementation of the tribal experiment for the census in a number of governorates, the Executive Director General of the Census discusses with the Governor of Dohuk the governorate’s preparations to implement the experiment before the end of this month The transfer of 5 companies to the premium class included a registration and classification committee for construction companies and contractors that completed more than 168 classification and renewal identities Planning discusses the draft regional report on achieving sustainable development goals in conflict-affected countries in the Arab region In the presence of members of the Committee, the Diwani Order Committee No. (82) holds its fourth meeting at the Ministry of Planning The Iraqi Accreditation Authority implements a training course on assessing the uncertainty of measurement in examination and calibration To confront the Corona epidemic, planning participates in the first meeting of the advisory committee for the project to strengthen governance and inspection The Ministry of Planning participates in preparing a budget responsive to children's rights in Iraq Planning is implementing a workshop on the Gender Equality Assessment Tool In cooperation between the Iraqi and Egyptian governments, the Ministry of Planning participates in a workshop organized by the Habitat Program to discuss housing reconstruction and addressing informal housing in Iraq. strategic planning course Good Governance and Sustainable Development Goals The National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology responds to the call of the Board of Commissioners to set the first working mechanism for quality management standards Planning announces a sharp decline in imports during the past year 2020 While it announced a decrease in food prices, the Ministry of Planning monitored a slight increase in the inflation rate during the month of May With a value of 300 million dollars, planning is witnessing the signing ceremony of the third loan minutes for the development of the Basra refinery project The Ministry of Planning holds a meeting to discuss the procedures for preparing its quality management system The Ministry of Planning is organizing a workshop on national consultations with the private sector Planning and discussing with youth groups the preparation of the second voluntary Iraq report for sustainable development 2021 The Ministry of Planning discusses with the sectoral authorities the response and recovery plan The Ministry of Planning distributes 284 low-cost housing for the poor in Wasit Governorate The Technical Undersecretary for the Ministry of Planning visits Wasit Governorate, and reviews a number of projects under implementation As part of its qualitative achievements during the years 2019-2020 ... the Department of International Cooperation supports government efforts in development fields The Central Statistical Organization prepares to implement the Integrated Survey of the Social and Health Status of Women in Iraq The Ministry of Planning continues its preparations for the preparation of the second voluntary report on sustainable development Brainstorming workshop The National Center for Management Development and Information Technology held a joint meeting between the Arab Union for Creativity and Human Development and our center The Department of Human Development holds a seminar on the team viewer program Planning organizes a workshop on supporting food security projects and assessing agricultural needs in the governorates (Nineveh, Salah al-Din, Anbar) The committee formed according to Cabinet Resolution No. 92 of 2020 discusses determining annual admission plans in the colleges and departments of the Medical, Health and Health Group Ministry of Planning: The inflation rate increased during the month of December by (3.3%) In the presence of the Minister of Planning ... Planning a seminar was held on the plan of actual needs of specializations for state institutions for postgraduate studies for the academic year (2021-2022) The Ministry of Planning announces the status of the population of Iraq for the year 2020 Community mobilization teams of the Social Fund for Development are nearing the completion of their tasks fully in the villages covered by the fund Standardization and quality control participates in the third exhibition of patents and industrial designs to confront (Corona pandemic) Community mobilization teams of the Social Fund branches in the governorates of Nineveh, Dhi Qar, and Diwaniyah, continue their visits to the included villages In the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Culture ... The Department of Human Development holds a symposium on the reality system and the movement of operating using the Spss program in Iraq The Legal Department holds a workshop on the course of the legal case Nineveh witnesses the launch of community mobilization activities, to introduce the Social Fund for Development With the participation of the United Nations Development Program, planning held a meeting with representatives of the private sector to form a development board In cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), planning holds a workshop on the hypothetical training course on ("Capacity Building in Livestock and Agricultural Resources and Prevention") Planning signs a memorandum of understanding with Habitat on providing support to the poor in finding suitable housing for them and rehabilitating informal settlements The Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning: about (21) billion dollars in imports of commodity materials and petroleum products during the year 2019 ... and China ranks first in the list of the most important trading partners of Iraq In cooperation with the Korean agency KOICA, the Ministry of Planning opens the electronic training hall The Ministry of Planning concludes its sustainable development conference, with an emphasis on strengthening partnership with the private sector, universities, civil society and the media The fourth session of the Ministry of Planning conference reviews the reality of sustainable development in the governorates of Basra, Karbala and Anbar In the third session of the Ministry of Planning conference on its second day, the roles of partners in achieving sustainable development goals were discussed Within the sessions of the Development Agenda Review Conference, organized by the Ministry of Planning ... Emphasizing the role of academics in achieving sustainable development goals Within the works of the comprehensive review of sustainable development conference organized by the Ministry of Planning on its second day .. Specialists discuss the progress made in the goals of sustainable development at the level of population indicators, city development and health indicators The Ministry of Planning signed with the United Nations Development Program a memorandum of understanding to support the private sector and create job opportunities With the participation of the relevant authorities, the Governmental Contracts Department holds a conference on launching specialized standard documents The Ministry of Planning and UNICEF sign a joint work program, to support children in Iraq A representative of the Undersecretary for Technical Affairs ... The ministry of Planning participates in the 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the World Bank, holds a workshop to discuss the final draft of the Social Fund for Development Law Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the World Bank organizes an extensive workshop to discuss the Social Fund for Development Law Arab and international experts discussed the detailed plan for the implementation of the general census in 2020 With the participation of a number of employees of the Ministry, the Central Statistical Organization will hold a workshop on the net accumulation of capital During a visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a delegation from the Central Statistical Organization and the Kurdistan Regional Statistics Authority briefed on the experience of implementing the electronic census The Ministry of Planning is considering the possibility of developing two new governorates The ministry of planning searched with the European Union the joint cooperation program for the next stage The Central Bureau of Statistics discusses with the United Nations organizations the implementation mechanisms using GIS In the presence of experts from the World Bank Central Statistical Organization discusses the form of social and economic survey of the family in Iraq for the year 2019 The Central Bureau of Statistics issued a report on early warning indicators for the last quarter of 2018 For its importance in the availability of a statistical database The Central Statistical Organization performs measurements and harvesting experiments As the main source of all the computational needs of the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Directorate of Accounts presents its report for the first half of 2019 The head of the Standardization and Quality Control Authority gives the Iraqi quality mark for the ordinary cement product Various sectors include planning to hold a meeting with JICA to discuss Japanese loan projects worth $ 7.7 billion Ministry of Planning: More than 300 projects are under way in the capital Baghdad distributed between the investment program and the development program of the regions The Central Statistical Organization is holding a meeting of the Statistical Coordination Committee aimed at exchanging information and experiences in the development and raising the efficiency of statistical data To achieve economic diversification and sustainable development Planning A seminar on the mechanism of implementation of the private sector development strategy 2014-2030 Ministry of Planning discussed with the European Union and the World Bank the reconstruction efforts and the development of the provinces Ministry of Planning began an electronic consultation campaign to promote the concept of sustainable development Ministry of Planning: Registration of 426 patents and granting 55 industrial models during 2018 The Central Bureau of Statistics records a decrease in some foodstuffs in its statistical bulletin The Central Statistical Organization signs a joint cooperation agreement with Orphan Development Foundation to empower women In cooperation with the General Secretariat of the holy Husseiniya shrine, the ministry of Planning held a seminar on the products of Nassim Al-Wareth Factory for Engineering Industries The team preparing the report of the voluntary national review of Iraq discusses the stages and timing of completion of the report within the vision of Iraq 2030 Towards a better empowerment of women and girls (2018-2020) The Central Statistical Organization will hold the second workshop on gender statistics The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning chairs a meeting of the Follow-up Committee to implement the government program The Central Statistical Organization: a database on Iraqi women within a modern electronic platform In order to explain the use of GIS applications, the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) is holding a workshop to implement the 2019 Fish Farms Survey in Iraq Application of the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management and Institutional Development A workshop is held for the Government Contracts Department With the participation of the representatives of the provinces, the Department of Human Development will hold a symposium on the system of the reality and the movement of operation using the spss program Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning: Combating poverty in Iraq will be among our main goals in the sustainable development agenda (2020-2030) Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning: We are working on the preparation of the first voluntary report on sustainable development with the support of the United Nations Development Program economic damaged survey 2018 The Ministry of Planning signed with the United Nations Development Program and the Convention on the application of the strategy for the development of the private sector The rise in the volume of foreign imports in 2016 to (50) billion dollars (43) billion dollars through ports The Consultative meetings planning and conclude with the ESCWA region The annual inflation rate rose by (0.1%)…The Ministry of Planning declared low monthly inflation rate fell by (0.6%) for the month of October last year The Ministry of Planning discussed with the European Union project for the development of skills-based training model in the oil and gas sector The technical committee of the Supreme Court for the preparation of the five-year development plan 2018-2022 the final drafts of the plan discussed papers The minister of planning/acting minister of trade searched with the US side the promotion of trade and economic relations between the two countries

General Framework of National Plan for reconstruction of the damaged governorates by terrorism

The Ministry of Planning achieved the General Framework of National Plan for reconstruction of the damaged governorates by terrorism for period (2018-2027) for primary cost of 100 billion Dollars.

The idea of preparing a development plan and medium-term national plan was born out of the failures and problems faced by the preparation of the annual investment programs, particularly the difficulty of establishing a comprehensive development visions medium and long term, and prioritize projects and integration on the basis of the annual curriculum development. Since the plan is the outcome of concerted national action and integrating the efforts and input of all relevant ministries and stakeholders in the state and is the compass that guide the development of economic and social sectors.

The National Development Plan 2018 - 2022 has sought predecessor to adopt a participatory approach itself in the preparation of the plan and care to ensure the contribution of all actors in the process of preparing the plan and the most important of the involvement of ministries and departments not related to the Ministry and the Kurdistan region and the provinces and the private sector, academics and experts from international organizations in all stages of the preparation of the plan.

It is a platform to monitor and managethe recovery , resilience and development projects based on a completed spatial database for different projects either the implemented or planned projects by Iraqi government or the international community.The platform containing analytical outputs ,final dashboard reports, statistical tables for project data, as well as a community interaction window and interactive maps of projects locations. The Geoportal is the up-to-date web-based GIS data system of the main platform,it can be accessed through the main website with specific access authorities to enable users using multiple tools to monitor and extract statistics and info-graphs in smart and advanced methods.The main platform containing a specific portal for the projects of Executive Directorate for Poverty Reduction.

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