Minister's Office

Department of Quality Management and Institutional Development

The tasks and organizational structure of the department were determined according to the letter of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers No. (34632) dated 11/12/2014, as follows:

Establishing, developing and improving mechanisms and work procedures for the departments of the Ministry’s headquarters / Central Statistical Organization according to the latest methods and international standard specifications to improve and increase the efficiency and skills of employees, which are based on the foundations of justice, transparency, efficiency and institutional performance, such as preparing (work procedures guide).

Participate in the preparation of long-term strategic plans in coordination with the departments, taking into account the vision, mission and objectives of the Ministry of Planning, internal and external variables, efforts directed to allocate and use resources, and identify areas of excellence and initiative to develop liaison relations with state agencies.

Participate in the preparation of annual plans, which are prepared in the light of the objectives of the long-term strategic plan, the results of implementing the plans of previous years, and the achievements and lessons that resulted from them.

Preparing a program to follow up the implementation of the annual plan, specifying criteria and indicators for evaluating the results of implementation, and submitting periodic reports on the results of implementation and evaluation.

Conducting internal audits on all procedures followed, verifying the existence of paper or electronic records and documents, as well as the work assigned to each employee, according to his position and degree of employment, and taking corrective measures in the system.

Search and obtain certificates of quality, occupational safety, environment and other international standard certificates from internationally recognized and licensed organizations or bodies.

Presentation of the workflow on all actions and initiatives proposed and implemented by the Department of Quality Management and Institutional Development, and a statement of the required solutions to any obstacles for the purpose of approval by the senior management.

Paying attention to the management system of quality, occupational safety and the environment after its implementation, periodic assessment of it, analysis of data for periodic improvement, organization of work risks, determination of their risk ratio, type and impact on the work environment.

Raising awareness of the concept of quality management system through holding seminars and training courses at the level of the Ministry / Central Statistical Organization to introduce the quality management system, its benefits and methods of application.

Preparing and publishing the quality policy and undertaking the administration in coordination with the senior management after its approval.

Preparing and qualifying internal auditors for quality management systems.

Follow-up and training on changes in the standard specifications for quality management.

Measuring customer satisfaction and evaluating it periodically to reduce its impact on the Ministry’s work.

Ensure the existence of an approved internal system for the departments of the Ministry’s headquarters / the Central Statistical Organization, in which it clarifies the tasks and duties, work instructions guides, job descriptions, and organizational structures.

Contracts Section

About Contracts section

The Contracts section was formed pursuant to Ministerial Order No. (1722) in 7/10/2007 To be responsible for managing contracts and following up the implementation of public contracts for the Ministry of Planning, and to be directly linked to the Minister from the administrative point of view and to the General Government Contracts Department from the technical point of view, and the committees of opening and analyzing bids are linked to it.

Duties of the Contracts section

Contracting Division: It is headed by an experienced and specialized employee linked to the department manager and includes a number of specialists, experts, technicians, and legal practitioners. It performs the following tasks:

  • Number of tender documents.
  • Announcement of tenders.
  • Implementing the response procedures, preparing and signing draft contracts in coordination with ministries or agencies not linked to a ministry, the region or the governorates.
  • Approaching the concerned authorities for the purpose of obtaining approval to choose the best method for executing contracts and obtaining the approved approvals in this regard.
  • Carrying out any other tasks consistent with the work function of this division.

Follow-up Division: It is headed by an employee with expertise and specialization, and is linked to the department director. It includes a number of specialists and experts, and it exercises the following tasks:

  • Obtaining the original approvals on the financial allocations in coordination with the concerned departments in the ministry regarding projects and the various ministry contracts.
  • Follow-up of work preparation requirements.
  • Reports on public contracts shall be submitted to the concerned authorities.
  • Carrying out any other tasks that are compatible with the work function of this division.

Division of Electronic Archive and Contractual Information Management System: It is headed by an employee with expertise and specialization and is linked to the director of the department and includes a number of specialists and experts and exercises the following tasks:

  • Save the official correspondence and correspondence of this formation.
  • By archiving information related to contractual procedures and the implementation of contracts on a computer system and linking these systems with the General Government Contracts Department.
  • Execute the secretarial tasks of this formation.
  • Carrying out any other tasks that are appropriate to the nature of this division.

Audit Department

Duties of the audit department

  1. Answering the observations of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau and the observations of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry regarding financial and accounting matters and following up the departments by activating the role of correspondence between the Ministry’s departments and urging to address these observations.
  2. Auditing all exchange and entry transactions (salaries, daily entries) and checking receipts in the daily record and all committee transactions such as (purchases, car maintenance, etc.) and their compliance with the instructions and controls in force.
  3. Accounting audit of all bonds (exchange, daily entries) with audit of all accounting records and follow up on the implementation of accounting and financial instructions.
  4. Follow-up of suspended temporary and sustainable advances, trusts and inclusion, and submit reports in this regard for the purpose of taking the necessary action.
  5. Contribute to the evaluation of the financial situation by studying and auditing the trial balances and final accounts and comparing them with what is assessed for them and preparing the matching of the monthly bank statement for the current account and the plan and monitoring the deportation in record (69) with matching the monthly trial balance with the records and checking them and matching with the semi-monthly bank statement and following up on deposits and receipts for each account .
  6. A sudden inventory of the financial receivables of the Accounts Department, the Purchasing Committee, the Car Maintenance Committee and petty cash, a sudden inventory of stores and reporting on that.
  7. Preparing reports and notes with paragraphs related to abuses, errors, and deviations that are monitored during the audit process, proposing solutions to address them, and following up on their implementation.
  8. The Inventory Control Division follows up on the Ministry’s stores by inventorying the inventory assets and matching them with the balance in the inventory cards, opening files for each warehouse, and matching the warehouses’ work through inventory entry and exit vouchers.
  9. Carrying out a sudden and periodic inventory of all departments and departments of the ministry by the department auditors and submitting reports thereon.
  10. Follow up on letters of guarantee for my regular budget account and the investment plan for each company until it is no longer needed.
  11. Follow-up the work of the planning units in Baghdad and the governorates, find out their needs, and follow up the investment projects for planning sectors through office and inspection visits to the planning units.
  12. Ensure the validity of contracts to be concluded and their conformity with accounting regulations and instructions.
  13. Reviewing and auditing administrative, technical, financial and accounting decisions in order to identify deficiencies or violations thereof or in the field of their application.
  14. Express an opinion on the soundness of the planning budget and final accounts.
  15. Auditing the monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the Accounts Department before submitting them to higher authorities.

Public Relations and Media Department

Functions of Media and Government Communication Department

  • Issuing the weekly (planning today) newspaper.
  • Preparing press releases and reports on the most prominent events and events taking place in the Ministry.
  • Covering the field tours of His Excellency the Minister inside and outside Iraq.
  • Provide the various media outlets with information and news on an ongoing basis about the Ministry’s activities.
  • Follow-up of the news and reports published in the various media related to the planning issue through the daily press monitoring report and follow-up of the actions taken in this regard by the Ministry’s departments.
  • Representing the Ministry in media and press forums and conferences held inside and outside Iraq. Assisting the Ministry’s departments and formations in covering their various activities.
  • Providing the Ministry’s website with reports and news of the Ministry on a daily and continuous basis.
  • Publishing news (subtitles) on various satellite stations on an ongoing basis. Preparing documentaries on several important activities of the Ministry. Providing the Government Media Office at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers with news and press reports on the Ministry’s work and its various activities.
  • Organizing various seminars, conferences and workshops held by the Ministry inside and outside the Ministry building. and receive guests.
  • Printing various banners for religious and national occasions. Print cards for holidays and special occasions for His Excellency the Minister and send them to the concerned authorities. Sending bouquets of flowers in the name of His Excellency the Minister to various personalities and institutions.
  • Coordination with the departments of relations in the various departments of the ministry in the establishment of any activities related to the work of these formations.

Organizational Chart