The Iraqi Commission for Accreditation

Vision and mission


Ensuring international recognition of the results of conformity assessment bodies to meet the requirements of the market, society and regulatory authorities.

community vision

Ensuring a better life for society by enhancing confidence in the services of conformity assessment bodies.


Contribute to supporting the national economy and improving the quality of life and sustainable development through the application of international best practices in the field of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and the use of qualified human cadres and in cooperation with partners within the framework of the international accreditation system.

Roles and responsibilities

  • 1- Granting accreditation certificates to examination and calibration laboratories, medical laboratories, inspection bodies, and bodies granting certificates of conformity to quality and environment management systems, persons, products, and other services whose work requires accreditation.
  • 2- Follow up on the continuity of accredited bodies’ commitment to accreditation requirements and any subsequent follow-up.
  • 3- Preparing and issuing accreditation requirements for conformity assessment bodies and any other bodies whose work requires accreditation and the necessary guiding documents and evidence in the field of accreditation in accordance with international practices and standards.
  • 4- Preparing and providing training services in the field of accreditation.
  • 5- Organizing, coordinating and implementing proficiency testing programs for laboratories to verify the efficiency of their performance and the accuracy and generalization of their results.
  • 6- Implementing the activities and procedures necessary to obtain international recognition by signing and maintaining mutual recognition agreements and multilateral agreements with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization (ILAC) and with accreditation bodies and international, regional and Arab organizations working in this field.
  • 7- Representing Iraq in Arab, regional and international forums in the field of accreditation.
  • 8- Cooperating with Arab, regional and international bodies related to the work of the Commission.

Organizational Chart