The history and establishment of the Ministry of Planning

After the abolition of the Ministry of Construction in 1959, three ministries were formed:

Ministry of Oil

Ministry of Industry

Ministry of Planning

And the Executive Authority Law of 1959 stipulated the establishment of the Ministry of Planning that its tasks would be to develop detailed economic plans and planning budgets for major projects, and to provide the necessary manpower to implement the plans, based on the directives of the Council of Ministers and the Economic Planning Council, and the proposals and plans of the competent ministries and others. .

It also follows up the implementation of the economic plan and submits follow-up reports to the Economic Planning Council, proposals and plans of the relevant ministries and others

It also follows up the implementation of the economic plan, submits follow-up reports to the Economic Council, and submits follow-up reports to the Economic Planning Council for review

As for the formations of the ministry, they were determined according to the Ministry of Planning Regulation No. 60 of 1959 published in the Iraqi Gazette, Issue 231 on 9/23/1959, where the position of undersecretary was created to assist the minister in his work, and its first minister was Dr. Talaat al-Shaibani.

  • Agricultural department
  • Industrial department
  • Department of Transport and Communications
  • Housing and Resorts Department
  • Department of Public Buildings
  • Department of Labor and Wages
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Public Culture
  • Central Statistics Department
  • Technical and Economic Coordination Authority

The system also stipulates that each of the technical departments shall be headed by a specialized expert with the rank of Iraqi or foreign director general, assisted by a sufficient number of specialists, employees and consultants.

As for the method of planning work at the sectoral level, which is carried out by the technical departments, the system has determined it as follows:

Each of the previously mentioned technical departments studies

Suggestions, reports, information and projects related to the development of that sector that come to it from the planning departments in other ministries, from the Central Statistical Department and from any other source.

Each department in the Ministry of Planning completes these studies. It may request other information and carry out the research and disclosures it deems necessary for that.

Each department coordinates the information gathered in it in a plan that includes that sector, provide that it is consistent with the principles of the detailed economic plan approved by the Economic Planning Council to implement the policy of the Council of Ministers.

It is known that the building of the Ministry of Planning was designed by the Construction Council and was designed by the Italian architect (Gio Ponti).