Department of sustainable development

Iraq 2030 the future we aspire to

Within the framework of the global development agenda 2015-2030. The Ministry of Planning began its work on preparing a plan within the framework of this global agenda, represented by the formation of the National Committee for Sustainable Development headed by the Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili.

The committee began its work by forming a group of work teams according to the axes of the global agenda, as well as working to hold four conferences to prepare a road map within a sustainable development framework. The first scientific conference was held on 24th of November, 2016 under the slogan Iraq 2030. The future we aspire to. A group of researchers participated in the conference through a numberof important researches based on the conference themes.

Referring to Iraq’s voluntary commitment to the sustainable development agenda 2015-2030, which was agreed upon during the past years through a series of conferences, seminars and action programs guided by the Charter of the United Nations and its principles and taken from the verified Millennium Development Goals as a starting line for the future, The Ministry of Planning organized the first scientific conference entitled (Sustainable Development Goals…a roadmap within a sustainable development framework) on Thursday 11/24/2016 at Mansour Melia Hotel, with the presence of a group of officials, Minister of Electricity, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, a number of members of Parliament, Governor of Baghdad, undersecretaries, provincial council members, advisors, private sector representatives, civil society organizations, Academics from Iraqi universities, experts and researchers, as well as representatives of a number of international organizations operating in Iraq and relevant authorities, and a number of employees of the Ministry of Planning, A number of research and studies were presented at the conference, which constitute a starting point for formulating a national vision and strategy for sustainable development 2030, including a vision proposed by the Ministry of Planning.

The conference also sought to adopt a national project that allows integrating the goals and objectives of sustainable development into national plans and measuring progress based on internationally approved indicators. This represented the first of four methodological stages for preparing the strategy leading to its formulation and launch as a national and international commitment.

Based on the foregoing, the conference data emphasized the importance of having the political will to adopt the goals of sustainable development and to set a national vision for the strategy, as well as the effective partnership between development partners (the private sector, civil society and academics in addition to international entities).

Governance theme research

Environmental research

Economics research

social research

The agricultural sector in the light of the sustainable development goals

Challenges of empowering women in Iraq

A planning mechanism for the sustainable development strategy in Anbar Governorate 2010-2030

Human capital between the elements of advancement and the migration of Iraqi competencies

The role of economic policy in consolidating security as the most serious challenge facing sustainable development in Iraq

Mechanisms for activating the oversight role in evaluating national programs and policies to implement the objectives

Dimensions of sustainable development… challenges and policies

Water treatment in the Iraqi oil industry within the sustainable development agenda (2030)

In financing sustainable development, the endowment as a model

Towards a strategic vision for sustainable development 2030 in Iraq

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Enhancing partnership between the public and private sectors in Iraq as a development approach to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals 2015-2030

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Social research and human development integration of means and ends

Simulation of natural systems in urban sustainability decisions

The role of the optimal allocation of economic resources strategy in building a sustainable Iraqi economic development approach

Achieving sustainable development in integration with accounting requirements for social responsibility

The demographic body in Iraq…between discouraging and stimulating economic development

Challenges of sustainable development in Iraq and ways to address them

Integrating the concept of gender into government policies and plans and its impact on sustainable development

Elimination of poverty and hunger in the history of human civilizations

The desired roles of civil society in achieving the goals of sustainable development

The sustainable university is the roadmap for achieving sustainable development

Challenges facing the social dimension of sustainable development in Iraq

sustainable development goals applications

concrete performance

Opportunities and challenges facing Iraqi industries to achieve sustainable development

The role of urban infrastructure in the development of cities

The role of cultural heritage in sustainable urban development

The role of information and communication technology deployment on building information modeling adoption

The contribution of creativity to the promotion of sustainable development of information technology organizations

Mechanisms for measuring the goals of sustainable development

The knowledge economy as a mechanism for the localization of sustainable development goals

Statistical evaluation of value engineering standards in sustainable buildings projects

The future of sustainable human development in Iraq

Indicators and dimensions of sustainable development in Iraq (challenges and policies)

Sustainable Development Goals and Social Responsibility

The social cost and benefit of decent work and economic growth

The sustainable security industry, starting points and foundations

The possibility of promoting sustainable development in Iraq by adopting a value-added tax, the Iraqi economy between the risks of collapse and sustainable development

Towards Industrial Sustainable Development in Iraq by Implementing Environmental Management System

Sustainability of natural resources (mineral wealth – surface and groundwater) in Karbala Governorate

The role of tourism in sustaining development and strengthening economic interdependence in Iraq

Mutual and feedback effect between the quality of security service and sustainable development

The role of the private sector in investment and sustainable development in Iraq 2015 – (the electricity sector as a model) 2009-2015

Good governance in regional planning and its role in achieving sustainable development

Evaluation of some features of local practice in Iraq within the framework of sustainable development

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Spatial distribution of remote sensing stations to monitor pollution of water sources of the Tigris and Diyala rivers on Baghdad, using geomatic techniques.

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