Biography of the Minister of Planning

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning

a. Dr.. Muhammad Ali Tamim

  1. The scientific title: Professor

    Marital Status: married

    Address: Kirkuk

    Birth: 1974

    holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law – Baghdad

    holds a Bachelor of Arts degree

    Master’s degree (1998)

    PhD in International Relations (2001)

    Diploma in English (Cambridge)


  2. Minister of Planning 2022-

    Former Minister of Education 2010-2014

    Acting Minister of Commerce for two months – June and July 2014

    President of Kirkuk University 2003

    Member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for five sessions since 2005

    Member of the committees for preparing the federal general budget of the Council of Ministers for the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

    Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee 2017-2018

    Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee 2015-2016

    Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee 2018 – 2019 – 2020 – 2021

    Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee 2022

    Adviser in the Iraqi Constitution Writing Committee 2005

    Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee 2006 – 2008

    Member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee 2008 – 2010

    Member of the Iraqi Constitution Rewriting Committee 2007-2010

    Vice Chairman of the Constitution Rewriting Committee 2020-2021

    Member of the Parliamentary Committee for Civil Society Organizations 2014-2015

    Member of the Committee for Writing the Bylaws of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 2006

    Representative of Iraq in international conferences (36-37) of UNESCO

    Assistant to the President of Kirkuk University 2004

    Secretary of the Kirkuk University Council 2003

    Chairman of the Curriculum Modernization Committee at the University of Kirkuk 2005

    Lecturer at the University of Kirkuk / College of Law since 1998 and the College of Education since 2004

    Visiting Professor at the University of Berlin since 2005

    Visiting Professor at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Hamburg – Germany.

    Member of the Iraqi Bar Association

    Member of the Iraqi Association for Political Science

    Member of the Association of University Professors

    Member of the Iraqi-Syrian Parliamentary Relations Office 2008

    Member of the negotiation committee on Kirkuk in the Provincial Councils Election Law 2008

    Member of the Reconciliation Conference held in Helsinki 2008

    Member of the World Bank Conference on the Constitution of Iraq in Dubai 2007


  3. About 24 publications in various specializations in law, political science, history of international, historical and social relations, and literary publications, besides scientific researches published in international magazenes.

  4. For example:

  5. Central Asian Islamic Republics and economic renaissance after 1991

    Turkish relations with the Islamic republics of Central Asia during a quarter of a century

    Lectures on democratic systems (a book taught in faculties of law)

    The international position on the US occupation of Iraq

    Israeli terror strategy intellectual rooting

    The military security agreement between Türkiye and Israel in 1996

    Neoconservative ideological foundations

    Türkiye – Israel, a study in the development of bilateral relations in the nineties of the twentieth century

    Türkiye and the Arab geographical neighborhood, the water dilemma

    The role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon

    Saudi-Egyptian relations

    Movements, currents, associations and parties

    Saudi-American relations and the Arab-Zionist conflict

    Political parties and currents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The structure of Iraqi society and its clans

    Convention of the Great Assembly of Northern Ireland

    Kirkuk during the years of the British Mandate

    Studies in contemporary Middle Eastern issues

    General principles in protocol and diplomacy

    The struggle of the wings in the Saudi royal family

    Opposition to the ruling regime in Saudi Arabia

    Literary publications:

  6. The Time of Contradiction – a collection of short stories, 1996

    Hatoon Assaif- a poetry collection 2002

    The Other Name of the Impossible – Novel 2021