The Ministry of Planning is following up on the field a project to rehabilitate three electrical units in the Dibis district of Kirkuk Governorate

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Planning announced the imminent completion of a project to rehabilitate three electrical units, type (TH20), at the Dibis power station in Kirkuk Governorate, after reaching its final stages, with a completion rate of 97% for the benefit of the Ministry of Electricity. This came during a visit carried out by the field follow-up team specialized in the two program departments. government investment, and planning sectors in the ministry. The ministry said in a statement: The visit came to see the stages of work progress in the project and to address the problems that hinder its completion. Noting that the project aims to increase the productivity of generating units and improve their performance and efficiency in order to reduce the cost of producing electrical energy in them. The statement indicated that the project includes the rehabilitation of three Generative units at the Dibis power station, each with a capacity of 37.5 megawatts and a total production of 112.5 megawatts, in addition to the rehabilitation of the turbines of the three units and their auxiliary devices and equipment. In addition to securing the number, equipment and standards for examination and tests necessary to carry out the rehabilitation work, as well as completely replacing the damaged parts with new parts and within the design specifications, pointing out that the project will be fully completed before the end of the current year 2023.