The Ministry of Planning is following up (Baghdad-Kirkuk) road and next September is the date for its completion

The Ministry of Planning said, It’s through specialized teams, It follows up the (Baghdad-Kirkuk) road project for the purpose of addressing the problems facing its implementation and completion, within the framework of improving the entrances to the capital, Baghdad, and in line with the measures taken to remove traffic jams.
The ministry said in a statement that the specialized field follow-up teams in the Government Investment Programs Department made a site visit to the (Baghdad-Kirkuk) road rehabilitation project with two lanes, indicating that the length of the road is about 10 kilometers, and includes the rehabilitation of the Baghdad-Diyala road, which extends from Bob Al-Sham Arch to the intersection of Muhammad Al-Sakran, with a length of more than (9) kilometers, and two overpasses, within the same path, with a length of 2400 meters. And another underpass one with a length of 1200 meters. In addition to the construction of two pedestrian bridges within the same path. With a length of 150 meters, a lighting network for bridges, a protection fence, and a glued fence, stressing that the project provides safe and decent paths in the city of Baghdad through the development, expansion and rehabilitation of the Baghdad-Diyala entrance road. the statement added, “The road, which is being implemented according to international specifications, has reached a completion rate of (67%), indicating that the project will contribute to eliminating bottlenecks and congestion, reducing traffic accidents, facilitating smooth traffic and facilitating commercial movement to the northern governorates.”
The Ministry of Planning urged The Ministry of Oil to provide the necessary facilities
with regard to the provision of asphalt and fuel to ensure the completion of the project on time.

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