Ministry of Planning held a workshop on “Changing the stereotyped image of women in society

The Department of Women Empowerment Policies in the Human Development Department of the Ministry of Planning held a workshop on changing the stereotype of women in society, where associates of the Tourism and Antiquities Authority of the Ministry of Culture participated in it.
The head of the department, Mrs. Sahar Faydullah, said: This workshop came in implementation of the department’s tasks in spreading awareness and education on women’s empowerment issues, and based on the pivotal role of our ministry in transferring knowledge and exchanging it with all institutional bodies. She added, “The workshop discussed the concept of the stereotypical image of women, the reasons for their formation and their limits in our society, and the challenges facing changing this image. This leads to transforming women into an effective development resource and exploiting all their capabilities and potentials, as they represent half of society. She indicated: Changing the stereotyped image of women and the issues associated with them will overlap With all societal issues expressed by the sustainable development goals, stressing that no development goal can be put forward without addressing the position of women in it, and the role of women as a result becomes one of the basic conditions for achieving the goals of sustainable development.She indicated that the workshop included constructive dialogues, as ideas and visions were exchanged during it About providing an enabling environment that motivates women to change the stereotype based on their biological role, to replace them with the image of an empowered, leading and active woman in society and the state.This workshop was attended by a number of female and male employees of the Tourism and Antiquities Authority.

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