Central Organization For Standardization And Control Quality

Central Organization for standardization and Quality Control function

The Central Organization for standardization and quality control was established under Law No. (54) with a view to creating an Iraqi auditor accredited calibration standards and methods of measurement and the standard specifications of various products where Iraqi shares of upgrading the efficiency and productivity and quality of national products through quality assurance activities as well as the reduction of the flow of goods and low-quality through the examination of imported goods and quality control of goods and products of local approved projects in accordance to the law of industrial investment, as well as the marking of jewelry and precious metals and the participation of different actors in the area of consumer protection and support local producers and reduce industrial cheating, and organizes the events express the granting and protection of patents, industrial designs and technical advice in the field of  quality management systems and licensing offices Rehabilitation in these systems are also granted a certificate Iraqi quality, as the device qualification Testing Laboratories to reach the global level and strengthen the confidence of the results of the examination of these laboratories.

The device has been since it was founded in 1979 to provide  professional services for all official and non-official bodies and protection of consumers, producers and importers despite the difficult periods  , where the work of the device is linked to economic activity and the security situation in the country, and that any imbalance which impact negatively or positively on the proceedings, in addition to that, some proceedings linked to other institutions , where comes the role of the device as a link again and that any imbalance in these institutions affect his work as is the case in the examination of imported materials which are directly linked to customs .

Despite all of the obstacles that faced the central organ of the standardization and quality control has been the leading the campaign against the industrial and commercial fraud awareness and raises the quality goals in products and services through the proceedings provided by the society.


       The Central Organ of the standardization and quality control on the dissemination of the culture of quality in all national institutions and various sectors of society and follow international best practices for services to beneficiaries and a high level of accuracy and speed, as well as support to the  intellectual creativity and to ensure that the health and safety of the citizen and the strengthening of the national economy.


     The Central Organ seeks standardization and quality control to be at the forefront of those working to provide the best services in the field of specifications and standards, conformity assessment and intellectual property to all economic and social sectors through the activities performed.

Our main values:

1. The dissemination of a culture of quality and continuous improvement

2. The obligation of  high moral character and honesty , objectivity and transparency

3. Respect for and appreciation of our human and seek to work in the spirit of one team and be transparent and involve the creative leadership by working with us to reach targets with precision, speed and we record with around nationally , regionally and internationally in all types of activities of our work in the service of humanity.

Carry out functions of the Central Organ of the standardization and quality control:.

1- Preparing the Iraqi standard specifications of locally produced goods and imported key sectors (food, chemical, engineering, textile, construction) including reference manuals to examine the special requirements in addition to the study of the statement of the opinion of the Arab specifications and International.

2. Check the jewelry submitted to the organization, and dismantled   on pro photo of follow-up on the continuation of laws issue.

3. Achieving calibration for devices (thermal, electrical power, the pressure) as well as trade balances and balances and weights and weights and scales. 

    The balances of the central liquid fuel pumps water parks and the establishment of training courses

    Specialization within the activity of training and research.

4. The conduct of on-site disclosures on different production factories and workshops in all sectors (food, chemical engineering, textile, and construction) and withdraw from the examination of the production, need examples in specialized organization and take appropriate legal action in case of non equal.

 To bind the parameter models the application of Iraqi national specifications adopted.

5. The apparatus checks the goods imported to Iraq through the models sent from before 177.

    The General Assembly border (ports), health services.

6. In the field of quality management device act and audit visits and functions where the device offers.

    Technical advice to a number of companies inside Iraq and give a certificate of quality, and courses in the Quality Department within the activity of training and research.

7. The activity of the royal qualities receiving organ applications to grant a certificate of innocence and models.

    50/426 after the completion of the requirements and procedures needed to be granted patent certificate or certificate

    An industrial model.

8. The device qualification testing laboratories and advice the professional and specialized training courses

      In the field of laboratory accreditation with the aim of promoting the performance of these laboratories to reach to the global level.

9. The aim of spreading awareness of is holding apparatus and organizing training sessions, seminars and specialized in

 Basic areas of  work of the activity of the device.

10. The organization participates in a number of international and regional organizations related to the various activities.