National Center Management Development


The National Center for Consulting and Administrative Development established in 1970 to undertake the task of building and strengthening the capacities of employees in the administrative apparatus of the government and the private sector, which contributes to the achievement of administrative development and is linked to this national center in the Ministry of Planning For more information please click on the link of the National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology

The Center undertakes the following tasks:

First: Building and strengthening the capacities of the employees of the state agencies, the private sector and civil society organizations in the administrative, financial and information technology fields, thus contributing to the achievement of administrative development

Second: Enhancing the concepts of modern administrative information systems and the information culture in the government departments, the private sector and civil society organizations, and the development of institutional structures to reach the goals of e-government.

Third: Application of quality management systems according to international standards.

Fourth: Preparing and qualifying the administrative leadership of the various departments of the state towards building their capacities according to the directions of modern administration.

Fifth: Prepare training staff with high scientific and practical experience in the fields related to the work of the Center.

Sixth: Provide technical advice in the field of management and information technology, and to improve the efficiency of institutional performance.

Seventh: Decentralization in the field of administrative development and information technology through the expansion of the Center's activities at the level of regions and governorates not organized in a region.

Eighth: To strengthen cooperation with local, regional and international bodies concerned with administrative development and information technology.

Ninth: Developing the methodology of scientific research in the fields of administrative development.

The Center shall be assisted in the performance of its duties by the following means:

First: Organizing courses and training programs in the fields of planning, development, administrative development and information technology, and granting certificates to those who pass it successfully.

Second: conducting studies and researches in the fields of administrative development and development and information technology.

Third: Providing advisory services to the public, private and mixed sectors and civil society organizations in the fields of planning, development, and information technology.

Fourth: Documentation, transfer and dissemination of knowledge at the internal and external levels.

Fifth: Cooperation with experts, specialists, departments and advisory and training bodies inside and outside Iraq.

Sixth: To carry out any other activities that enable the Center to achieve its objectives.