Central Organization for Statistics

The functions of the Central Statistics

To carry out the Statistical Commission on various economic and social activities.

The establishment of a group of databases on the level of Iraq for the purposes of planning for the various economic activities, such as industry, agriculture, trade,  social and community activities with the possibility of introducing the geographic maps and transfer via the information network .

Provide a database of the population and manpower provided by the general census of the population .

The establishment of a database for the bank job information.

The use of technological developments in the field of modern communications for all stages of statistical work starting from data collection in the field and processing after the compilation and tabulation under evidence international classifications for the  production and promotion and make data available to beneficiaries through communication and training VIDIO CONFERENCE.

In order for the device to follow the scientific development in the field of statistics  has been :

The development of the most statistical reports add some data that meet the needs of users of foreign trade and tourism, in Arabic and English  .

 Update the base year weights and indices .

Introduce some statistical reports such as the report on sustainable development after 2015 and the report of the rural women in Iraq and the report of the survey of the activity of the medical services in Iraq for 2015 in Arabic and English .

 The statistical reports should include a summary of the most important data contained in the reports, with an explanation of the definitions and terminology used and needed to understand the numbers and the method of data collection with a statement of the methodologies adopted in the production of statistics  .

The application of the latest  international regulations and classifications, such as the System of National Accounts 2008

Manual for the classification of economic activity, the fourth edition of ISIC  in the production and dissemination of statistics.

To inventory numbering for the implementation of the general population and housing census of 2009 .

The provision of a range of studies and research on various  economic and social activities .

The use of  sophisticated techniques in the issuance of the  annual statistical abstract in Arabic and English, which is a comprehensive reference for many of the statistical data and on the level of Iraq, according to a series of time .

       The increased cooperation and coordination  between the device and the state institutions in the seamless provision of data and participation in numerous committees for information exchange and standardization of concepts of the knowledge of the wishes of these stakeholders and try to meet them .

Scientific symposia in scientific institutions and research centers and universities .

Facilitate the task of researchers from the college of nursing students and the rest of the faculties to approve them for conducting field research .

The use of software packages for  statistical analysis and extraction of statistical indicators such as SPSS and Stata programs,EXCEL.

The preparation of training programs for workers inside and outside the device with the aid and expertise of researchers.

The issuance of press releases and the dissemination activities of the Organ on social networking sites  in addition to the modernization of the electronic device and to contribute to the actors in the preparation and release of the weekly newspaper for planning.

Increased coordination and cooperation with the international organizations working in the field of statistics to ensure that keep pace with global developments in the field of production of statistics and include the development of the  economic systems of the States participating in the system and seeking to develop the work of the statistics of the ministry and not associated with a Ministry for the integration of statistical work .

The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the evolution of the production of statistical data depends on the level of awareness of  the various users of statistical data, whether they were the owners of the decision to the general public, which affect their lives, public and private.

Statistical Reports: 

Damages Assessment Survey 2018