International Cooperation Directorate UN Development Aids Frame work

The framework of the UN Development Assistance (United Nation Development Assistance Framework) software tool important enable the UN system to provide a coherent response, consistent with national priorities in line with the basic principles of the United Nations reform process and the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness), and in order to implementation of the UN framework to aid the development and control it in a coordinated manner, has been the establishment of a steering committee for the UN framework to aid development, namely that the aid operation, this moved from mere delivery of assistance to the level of partnership through the Steering Committee of the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and head of the advisory board representing the Iraqi government, and share our ministry in this Steering Committee, has also been the formation of committees and sub-sectoral basic co-chaired by Iraq and the international organizations to undertake a study and approval of projects funded by the United Nations and the exposure of those projects on the steering committee that makes the decision approval by.

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