International Cooperation Directorate Tasks

First: to contribute to the review and approval of projects funded by donor countries and institutions, as the Directorate involved in the meetings of the Committee of the International Partnership and committees related to the purpose of the statement of opinion in the technical-funded projects, as well as to participate in conferences and meetings related to providing development assistance to Iraq.

Second:Develop and build the foundations for a partnership between Iraq and the international community. The Department shall develop and build the foundations of the international partnership between Iraq and the international community based on the principle of national ownership, namely, that the Iraqi government takes a leadership role in guiding the international community about the priorities of reconstruction and development in Iraq.

Third: The Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness. Paris Declaration is an international agreement between the donor countries and institutions for foreign aid, both grants and soft loans, and the countries benefiting from this assistance.

Fourth:The strategic framework for development assistance of the United Nations, the circuit operates as a review of the strategy presented by the UN. The Directorate worked to review the strategy provided by the United Nations, which took place in August 13, 2008, which is designed to guide the UN assistance towards the promotion of development policies at all levels in Iraq and supporting the foundations of reconstruction and sustainable development and providing assistance in the provision of durable solutions to humanitarian issues and the consolidation of the partnership between the UN Nations and other development partners.

Fifth: Follow-up strategies and general orientations for donors in Iraq. The Directorate plays a key role in reviewing strategies and general directions for the program countries and donor organizations and lenders and direct way that pour in achieving development goals and objectives as well as to ensure harmony with the plans and priorities of government programs.

Sixth: the receipt of the grant-funded by American projects. The Directorate, in coordination with the American Embassy to prepare and review the mechanics of the receipt of projects funded by the American grant, the department works at the present time to follow up on the details of the receipt for projects that have already sent to the ministries for projects completed in addition to the follow-up to the receipt of projects that are still under way, in coordination with the office of financial Supervisory Service and the follow-up and coordination of government in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

Seventh: loans :The Directorate will follow up the implementation of measures loan agreements with international institutions and donor countries and lending to Iraq and urged the ministries to implement the consequences of the Iraqi government contributions for projects financed by the loan.

In the area of technical cooperation to communicate with international organizations for the purpose of completing the activities related to capacity building.

Eighth:Technical support agreements and economic and technical cooperation.The Directorate worked to follow up on the conclusion of bilateral international agreements.

Ninth: Administration database development and follow-up issues related to e-governance. Where the Directorate involved in the membership of the Task Force on governance and human rights, in coordination with the UNDP and the UN advisory board, also holds the coordination between the Iraqi government and the international community on issues related to the management of database development IDMS.