International Cooperation Directorate Aids Policy

First:Co-financing program

Based on the transformation of the relationship between Iraq and the international community as part of aid to receive as part of the partnership, the Iraqi government has expressed this commitment through the provision of an amount within the investment budget for last year and this year for the purpose of providing a contribution within the projects carried out through international organizations.

Second: Loans

Japanese loan:The Ministry of Planning shared in the membership of the committee monitoring the Japanese loan, headed by the President of the board of advisers, as it is following up the subject of the inclusion of projects financed by the loan urged ministries to complete this process in accordance with the requirements of the budget law, thereby helping to provide tax breaks for such projects in accordance with the legislative decision No. (767) for the year 1987 which has been confirmed in accordance with the Cabinet decision No. 167 for the year 2010. Note that most of the projects the Japanese loan includes the provision of co-financing of 25% of the project value in most cases, which are approaching those sectoral ministry for the purpose of securing that contribution when needed. The International Cooperation Directorate worked at the Ministry of Planning and representation in the Iraqi committee monitoring the implementation of the Japanese loan for Iraq and of 4.2 billion. For more information about the Japanese loan projects in Iraq, see attached map.

 International Development Association IDA Loan of the World Bank Group: World Bank is committed to providing an amount of half a billion dollars for the purpose of supporting five projects submitted by the Iraqi government and is being implemented by the ministries of beneficiary.

The location of the donor database, which contains projects the World Bank loan:

Italian Loan: pledged to the Italian government under an agreement of friendship, partnership and cooperation signed with the Iraqi government in 2007 to provide financing or credit facilities amounting to 400 million euros, has been adhering to the amount of 100 million euros for the benefit of the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources and is being implemented through a committee formed by the Ministry of Finance jointly Ms. director general of the International Cooperation Department in its membership, and continues to 300 million euros awaiting allocation by a committee of the International Partnership where expressed a range of ministries concerned to allocate resources loan to their advantage, but our ministry has supported the project breakwater for the port of Faw, which is still awaiting inclusion in the budget of the Ministry transport.

Third: Grants

The international community has pledged to provide development assistance for urgent immediately after the fall of the former regime in order to restore normal life and the provision of basic services in water and electricity, health and education, and on this basis it has been to implement a range of programs and projects through two channels two major two United Nations Fund for reconstruction UNDJITF.

American Grant: United States of America has worked to provide aid through four boxes which arerun through the Pentagon and the State Department, and these funds are:

Fund relief and reconstruction of Iraq (IRRF)

Iraqi Security Forces Fund (ISFF)

Economic Support Fund (ESF)

Program Commander's Emergency Response (CERP)

The department works to coordinate with various ministries for the purpose of receipt of the grant-funded projects, according to the US Memorandum of Understanding which was signed between the Minister of Planning and the American ambassador under the Council of Ministers resolution No. 444 for the year 2009, and continues the process of receiving it under implementation.