Legal Directorate Tasks

Legal directorate consists of the following formations

Department of consultation and conventions:

The following tasks :-

1- Preparing draft laws and decision and instructions related to the ministry and in accordance with the law. 

2- Give opinion and legal counseling to the ministry of matters relating to investment plans and projects and matters relating to actively.               

3- Preparation instructions and powers of the implementation of the federal public budget in coordination with the ministries of state and governorates.                                                                                                 

4- To answer queries relating to public function.                                            

5- Study of requests for contracting companies and contractors transmitted to the ministry and to give an opinion in the matter.                           

6- Preparation of legal studies and research which aims to develop the work of the ministry.

7- Study of the Arab and international conventions transmitted to the department and make observations in the matter .                                    

8- Participating in negotiations the conventions with other countries and Arab and foreign companies and prepare their projects .  

 The department practiced its tasks through the following two division :- 

- Legal consultancy division.                                                                           

- Conventions division .    

 Department of the Rights :-

The following tasks:-

1- Representing the ministry before the courts and the judicial and investigative committees in all acts related to the ministry and formations

2- Proposal proxy of lawyers in lawsuits and in accordance with the laws and the payment of their wages .

3- Appeal the verdicts and decisions issued by the courts with the competent authorities .

4- Regulation guarantees and pledges associate employees of the ministry

5- Follow up the implementation of guarantees and pledges to associate employees of the ministry and the follow up matters relating to the investigative committees .

 Department of registration and classification of contractors: -

The following tasks:-

 1- Preparing registration requirements and classification of contracting companies and contractors according to their grades and their reference.

2- Preparing data for contractors and keep records .

3- Production of a guide Iraqi contractors and prepare a follow up reports on their a activities .

4- Issuance identities of contractors registered a accordance the instructions .

5- Perpetuate bank information for contracting companies and Iraqi contractors .

6- Answer queries contractors and contracting companies.

7- Insert and update data contractors and contracting companies in the computer system .

8- Save all the files of contractors and contracting companies who have identities and organized according to the the sequence.

9- Save all correspondence related to the work section .

10- Receipt all correspondence relating to the validity of the issuance of the identities of contractors classification .

11- Open record accredited employees of ministries and departments not associated with the ministry .

 The Department practiced its tasks through the following divisions:-

- Scrutiny and Data entry division 

- Identities Issuance division 

- Files and Contractors Registration Correspondence division

- Scrutiny of Identities Validation division 

 System division :- associated with the Director General and shall perpetuate the legal information system

Secretarial and Correspondence division :- associated with the

Director General

The following tasks:-

1- Carryout secretarial department and regulate all matters relating to the meetings of the Director General and his participation in the committees inside and outside Iraq.

2- Receipt of inbox given mail to the department and the register in their records and submit it to the relevant sections .

3- Issuing and keeping internal books and forwarded to the relevant departments to take the necessary action.

4- Printed in the Director General and the follow up.

5- Conservation mail according to the indexing system.

6- Manage Email the department.