Governmental Contracts Directorate Capacity Building Development Program for Iraqi colleges

Within the plan of the Ministry of Planning, the Department of General government contracts through activating the role of Iraqi universities and develop the ability of the Iraqi contracts the concepts of  contracting procedures within the school curricula for students in coordination with the World Bank in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the central committee was formed for this purpose with the approval of His Excellency, the minister and the gentlemen listed below and the objectives of the program are:-

First: the dissemination of the concepts of public procurement and contract management in institutions of higher education and scientific research institutions of the State and the private sector.

Second: the preparation of the mechanisms that contribute to the dissemination and consolidation of the concepts of  public procurement and  contract management through openness to universities and other institutions of the State and the private sector for the purpose of expanding the scope of cooperation and exchange of experiences.

Third: Universities toward modernization and development in curricula, research and engineering disciplines, management , economics and law toward disseminating the concepts of  public procurement and  contract management in order to respond to the needs of the community in the reconstruction of the infrastructure to keep pace with scientific progress in the world in the field of sustainable development.

Fourth: The expansion of the base of the coordination between the Iraqi universities specialized agencies and sectors of the State and the private sector in order to achieve long-term training program in the field of procurement and contracts as well as the development of curricula and delivery of research in this area, for the purpose of benefiting from the results in these sectors and capacity building.

Fifth: Create advanced cadres in the field of training and capacity-building.

Sixth: Building a knowledge base and the subtle laws and instructions for supply and contract management consistent with rules adopted regionally and globally.