Governmental Contracts Directorate Help Desk Office

A brief profile of the Office of Assistance (HELP DESK)

In order to ensure the sustainability of the outputs of the cooperation between the Ministry of Planning, the government contracts and has been the establishment of the Office of contractual assistance, that the main objective of the activity of the office is to provide assistance to third parties in all contracting with regard to the (standard bidding documents, instructions for the implementation of government contracts, Futures Plan for ministries and not associated with a Ministry and the governorates, the annual training plan, consultancies , field visits and reports generated by the... etc.)

The functions of the Office and the mechanism of action:

The Office will be under the direct supervision of the Director General of the Department of General Government contracts where the office his duties through the sections of the Government contracts (Consulting and training, coordination and follow-up, the tenders and contracts, information contractors) 16,646,300 tasks on the sections to work on:

The provision of technical assistance to contracting for any questions or inquiries about any issues that may face the contracting parties during the process of contracts and the implementation of the Decade .

Answer any questions or inquiries during the period of not more than 72 hours of receipt for all types of correspondence with the exception of the consultations that require resolution are answered within a week maximum  and through the coordination and follow-up section and in coordination with other divisions in the Department in view of the threat posed by such inquiries of feedback being reviewed to reflect the outcome of the instructions and controls or circulated to ensure the development of the system of contracts and reduce inquiries .

A review of the tender documents for the procurement Review)  Strategic contracts and give the contracting hand on the observations of the amendment that existed before the start of the  tender and referral procedures. 

Check the contracts to be contracted to the contractor by the contracting parties for the transparent of the various observations to guide and the amendment .

The purpose of the establishment of the Office of Assistance (Help Desk) to be the new window government contracts service to communicate with the private sector and different contracting and channel through which to be giving technical advice in all that relates to the implementation of the contracts as quickly as possible away from the  bureaucratic methods of the direct supervision of the Director General of the chamber to answer inquiries and consultation and follow-up and verification of the contracting procedures.