Governmental Contracts Directorate Training and Capacity building

Instructions for the implementation of the general government contracts No. (2) and regulations issued by the  contracting procedures:.

The purpose of the training sessions to familiarize participants with the provisions of the entry into force of the instructions of the implementation of government contracts, controls and requirements prior to the preparation of tender documents (relating to the preparation of the technical and economic feasibility study or technical reports concerning the schedules of quantities for projects including speculative cost and mapping tables of quantities and other designs) and methods of contracting and definition of the Central Commission for review and approval of the assignment and powers as well as the Fatah committees bid analysis and definition of the participant on how to deal with the delayed fines and insurance extension of contracts and the legal consequences of breach of contract and the contract as well as special controls to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the instructions above and give courses to Workers In the area of contracts and legal engineers and technicians for the purpose of discreet contracts and avoid the mistakes that lead to delays in the implementation of the contracts for the delivery of projects seamlessly within the proposed agenda of the progress of work and lead to the preservation of the public money.

The guide to the implementation of government contracts,the legal framework for contracting in the public sector) standard documents:.

The purpose of the definition of participants standard documents and how they apply to projects in the area of contracts, which had been prepared on the basis of the documents of the World Bank and documents (FIDIC) general conditions of contracting civil engineering, electrical and mechanical , chemical , which if adopted would reduce the reluctance of the implementation of the projects and the preservation of public money and ensure the participation of the offices and the qualified companies who are purportedly scientific, technical, financial and legal transparency, which calls for the  adoption of the standard documents to participants of engineers and legal experts and professionals working in the area of government contracting.