Management and Financial Affairs Directorate Tasks

Consists of the following configurations: -




A: Department of Human Resource Management: handles the following tasks: -

Maintaining and updating the Angels records and promotions and bonuses for staff and books and records of service personnel and forms for Career Information System and the reorganization of personal files and sorted for filing retirees and independents and organize monthly schedules for delegates and enrolled in studies of the employees of the ministry and the follow-up certified affairs curriculum inside and outside of Iraq with respect to their studies and the automation of information of personnel's ministry.

The preparation of functional staffs annually and following up the implementation and application of the laws and rules of the service and the owners and the preparation and printing of ministerial and administrative orders relating to personnel matters and the conduct of work, organization and implementation of the ministry.

Follow-up Affairs referral and follow-up to retirement pension's completion of transactions.

To propose a plan to train employees of the ministry in coordination with the hardware and centers affiliated depending on Apparatuses plans and training centers affiliate.

B: The Department carry out his functions through the following Divisions: -

Individuals and owners






A- Department of Administrative Affairs: perform the following tasks: -

Insurance and regulate the movement of vehicles to carry out tasks and official duties and continue to use and maintain.

The ministry library administration and enriched modern sources in both Arabic and English, according to the needs ministry departments and subscribe to magazines and periodicals issued by the national and international centers and institutes.

The introduction of materials to the store and save them to meet the requirements of the Ministry's work and follow-up material balance on an ongoing basis

Prepare statements own signatures to the beginning and end of working hours.

B-The Department carry out his functions through the following people: -




Administrative Services


Third: -

Department of the Central binders and correspondence: and shall organize and document correspondence (incoming and outgoing) to and from the ministry and deliver it to the relevant authorities and keeping their own records. 



A- Department of Information Technology: The Department tasks are management, operation functions, maintenance of data and the Internet of the ministry system and manage the official website of the ministry, as well as computers and all peripherals, copiers and maintenance system of surveillance cameras and the system of translation and all the electronic systems in the Office of the ministry as well as the preparation of regulations Circuits hardware maintenance based on the requests and according to what is shown about each.

B- The Department carry out his functions through the following Divisions:

Maintenance of Computing

Networks and the Internet and the website

Systems and databases



A- Maintenance Department: perform the following tasks: -

Operation and maintenance of all electrical devices

Operation and maintenance of the machines water systems, drinking water and monitor the operation of heavy water and water pumps.

Car maintenance mechanically and electrically and provide services to sustained it

B- The Department carry out his functions through the following two divisions:

Structural, electrical and Mechanical Services

Maintenance of automobiles




A- Budget Investment Department, which takes the following tasks:

The organization of vouchers and special projects constraint investment budget according to the instructions window.

Maintenance and regulation of private budget Investment computational central records and follow-up, organize, and share exchange and the Ministry of Planning amounts of supervision and monitoring of projects ministries that are followed up annually

B- The Department carry out his functions through the following two divisions:


Records Regulations



A- Current Budgeting Department, which takes the following tasks:

The organization of exchange documents and registration for the current budget window according to the instructions of the Ministry of Finance

Pre-requisites to the monthly payment of salaries to employees and continue to update any changes them and check lists of exchange.

Maintaining and organizing for the current budget calculations records manually and automatically create and implement sanitation kits according to the law and according to the powers scheduled for disbursement, monitoring and follow-up of financial allocations and prevent overtaking on customization.

Extracting the balance monthly review and agenda expenses with analyzes and sent to the Ministry of Finance.

The preparation of preliminary estimates the operating budget of the Chambers of the ministry all discussed in detail according to the needs of those departments through the formation of joint committees for this purpose and to reach a speculative numbers that achieve the goals of the ministry for the next fiscal year and submit them to the Supreme Committee for discussion with the minister for approval before they are submitted to the Budget Department in The Ministry of Finance for approval and prepare tables expenses and transfers monthly to the center of the ministry and its affiliates Apparatuses and submitted to the Office of Financial Supervision

B- The Department carry out his functions through the following Divisions: -



Records regulations



Division of coordination and follow-up: The follow up and coordinate formations ministry reports and action plans and completion reports quarterly and annual and coordinate technical reports and prepare reports to answer the annual reports of the Office of Financial Supervision in accordance with law.