Minister Office Public Relation and Media

The task of the Department of Public Information and Communication

  •  The issuance Today newspaper (planning) Weekly.
  • preparing press releases and reports on the most prominent events and witnessed by the ministry.
  • the coverage of field tours to the Minister in inside and outside Iraq.
  • provide different media information and news about ongoing activities of the ministry.
  • the follow-up to what is published in different media of news and reports related to the planning of the affair during the daily press monitoring report and follow-up action taken thereon by the departments of the ministry.
  • the representation of the ministry in the media and press forums and conferences held inside and outside Iraq.
  • assisting the various departments of the ministry and its formations in the coverage of the various activities.
  • providing the ministry's website and the news of the ministry and reports on continuous, published ( subtitles) news in various space stations and continuously.
  • preparation of documentary films from many of the important events of the ministry, the Office of the governmental media in the general secretariat of the Council of Ministers the news reports and press releases on the work of the ministry and its various activities.
  • the organization of seminars, conferences and workshops in the various meetings of the Ministry The Ministry building and beyond, and receiving guests, the printed banners of different national and religious observances, and printing the cards holidays, special events and the minister and sent to the concerned authorities, and send bouquets of roses on behalf the Minister to the personalities of the different institutions.
  • coordination with the relations in the various structures of the ministry in establishing any events related to the work of the formations.