Minister Office Audit Department

The task of the Department of audit

  • answering the observations of the Office of the Federal Financial Monitoring and observations of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Office of the inspector general in the Ministry with regard to financial and accounting matters and follow-up of the chambers through activating the role of the correspondence between the various departments of the ministry and to encourage treatment of those observations.
  • Check all exchange transactions and restriction (salaries, daily restrictions) and verification of receipts of the arrest in The Daily Record and all commissions, such as the transactions (purchases, maintenance of vehicles..Etc.) and the extent to which they conform to the instructions and controls window.
  • The accounting audit of all bonds (exchange rates, restrictions daily) with check all of the accounting records and follow-up of the implementation of the accounting and financial instructions.
  • The follow-up to the suspended and sustainable advances interim secretariats, encapsulation, and reports, the purpose of making necessary.
  • To contribute to the assessment of the financial situation of the study of the balance of the final accounts and audit review and compare what is an appraiser and match Current Account Monthly Bank revealed the plan and monitoring the deportation record (69) with the balance of the monthly review with the Records screened and matching with the monthly follow-up revealed half bank deposits and receipts for each account.
  • The sudden inventory corresponding graft section financial audit committee and the Committee on Procurement and maintenance of vehicles prose inventory warehouses and reporting so sudden.
  • Preparing reports and notes the paragraphs on the Excesses and errors and deviations that are monitored during the audit process and to propose solutions to address them and follow up their implementation.
  • The Division for inventory control and follow-up to the Ministry's warehouses inventory of assets inventory and reconciled with the balance in the cards warehouse opening piece for each store and match the work of the stores through the i/o bonds.
  • To do sudden and periodic inventory for all parts of the Ministry services by auditors and reporting section.
  • Follow-up letters of guarantee back to the regular budget of the investment plan for each company until no longer needed.
  • The follow-up to the planning units in Baghdad and other governors to identify their needs and follow-up of investment projects for the planning sectors through  office visits and planning units.
  • Make sure of the validity of contracts to be concluded and conform to the accounting regulations and instructions.
  • And audit the administrative, technical, financial and accounting decisions with a view to identify shortcomings or irregular or in their application.
  • To express an opinion on the Safety of planning budget and final accounts.
  • Audit the Reports Monthly, quarterly and annual accounts before the adjournment of the Section to the Supreme Court.