About Mop Tasks

The objectives of the strategic functions of the chambers of the ministry:

1. The conduct of research studies and plans and concepts that have achieved the goal of economic and human development in Iraq in cooperation with the official and private.

2. The preparation of the annual strategy perspective plans for the overall development of the implementation and follow-up.

3. The provision of indicators and statistical data and the necessary information needed by the organs of the State and the establishment of a national information and comprehensive.

4. Oversee and follow-up to the file of international cooperation with regard to grants and technical assistance.

5. Work on providing the requirements for the information society in Iraq and to make the best use of the information revolution and the dissemination of culture and the strengthening of its practices in state departments and the whole of society in order to reach the goal of e-government.

6. Care of the Iraqi private sector and support for the study of the reality of this sector and in overcoming the difficulties and constraints faced by.

7. The detailed framework and propose strategic projects that need huge capital and the duration of a longer period of time for implementation in cooperation with the rest of the organs of the State.

8. The assessment of the activity of the governmental contracts and its follow-up in the area of investment and development.

9. The Set Measurement and upgrading the quality of domestic goods imported and strengthening intellectual creativity and to strengthen the national economy.

10. The study the needs of human development to contribute to the provision of work and employment opportunities and social services to the population.

11. The preparation of a strategy for the alleviation of poverty and unemployment and implementation.

12. prepare and propose action plans and programs that contribute to the building of institutional capacities and the development of the human element, which is an instrument of the focus of development.

13. The promotion of the concept of partnership and good governance and the adoption of the standards of quality international and local.

14. The follow-up to the evaluation of the performance of the implementation of investment projects and raising the efficiency of implementation.

15. The development of economic and social policies.

16. The calendar of relevant legislation the process of overall development.

17. The conversion of the increase, the current population expected of the burden on the development process to a productive force represents a positive and active role in the development process, including achieve higher rates of economic growth and the well-being of the population.

18. The preparation of sector strategy location and rural and urban areas, local and achieve economic efficiency and the exploitation of the comparative advantages of the achievement of social justice.