In order to explain the use of GIS applications, the Central Statistical Organization (CSO ...

2018-12-30 1005
In order to explain the use of GIS applications, the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) is holding a workshop to implement the 2019 Fish Farms Survey in Iraq

A workshop was held at the headquarters of the Central Statistical Organization on the use of GIS applications in the implementation of the survey of fish farms in Iraq for 2019.

The workshop was opened by Dr. Diaa Awad Al-Kadhim, head of the Central Bureau of Statistics. He welcomed the presence of the Holy Quran, indicating the importance of using modern techniques in the implementation of statistical surveys, especially the use of electronic forms and tablets in field work.

For his part, Mr. Atheer Mohammed Naji, Director of Agricultural Statistics, stressed the importance of a food component in the Iraqi table and explained the importance of implementing the survey of fish farms using modern technology methods, which will prepare a qualitative shift in the work of the Directorate of Agricultural Statistics.

Mr. Firas Rasheed, Director of Geographic Information Systems, also highlighted the importance of using these applications in statistical work and surveys, which will reduce cost, time and effort, increase the accuracy and efficiency of work, and provide field business management.

The workshop was attended by representatives of ATLAS and presented a presentation on the applications that serve the statistical work such as the application of Work Force to follow the fieldwork and the implementation of Survey123, which allows the electronic form associated with the on-line coordinates and through the tablets and representatives of the company ready to provide support and technical advice to cadres Central Organization for Statistics and the implementation of programs and training courses to develop the capabilities of employees.