The Technical Undersecretary for the Ministry of Planning visits Wasit Governorate, and re ...

2021-04-08 121
The Technical Undersecretary for the Ministry of Planning visits Wasit Governorate, and reviews a number of projects under implementation
The Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, visited Wasit Governorate, to see a number of service projects under implementation in the governorate. During his visit, the agent was inaugurated by the Governor of Wasit, Mr. Muhammad Al-Mayahi, and a number of officials in the province, as well as a general manager The Executive Department of the Poverty Reduction Strategy in the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Sabah Jundi Mansour, and the Director General of the Social Fund in the six ministry Najla Ali Murad, two primary schools for boys and girls with eighteen classrooms per school in the Al-Wafidin area of ​​the Kut district, which come within the regional development projects, Mr. Al-Wakeel said during his briefing on a number of completed projects that are under implementation in the districts and sub-districts of the governorate: Today we opened two primary schools in the district of Al-Kut, which were implemented within the Provincial Development Program with the aim of reducing the momentum in schools, adding that the opening of these schools represents an important transformation in the lives of the children. To maintain and improve the level of education in it, and he continued by saying: We also learned during our visit to maintain a number of completed projects and under implementation, especially not The main sewage projects for the district and the municipality works that follow the projects as well as a number of projects in the Essaouira district, and Mr. Al-Wakeel stated that the service reality in all governorates needs a lot of work in order to complete all the listed and ongoing projects, foremost among which are water projects, schools, roads, and sewage. Stressing that providing services to citizens is one of the first tasks of the government in the next phase.
For his part, the Deputy Governor of Wasit, Mr. Rashid Al-Badiri, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Planning and its interest in completing service projects in the governorates, stressing cooperation with the Ministry to remove all obstacles that hinder the completion of projects in the governorate.
In addition, the director of the Al-Hawra neighborhood development project in Al-Kut district, Engineer Muhammad Jarwan, said: The project includes several services, including sewage, water and electricity services, as well as integrated municipal works, and added that the project was suspended two years ago and was re-worked on it as we submitted a work plan to the governorate for the sake of The completion of the project within a period of 3 months, confirming that 50% of the project was completed during the first month of the period.