As part of its qualitative achievements during the years 2019-2020 ... the Department of I ...

2021-03-17 148
As part of its qualitative achievements during the years 2019-2020 ... the Department of International Cooperation supports government efforts in development fields
The International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Planning announced its qualitative achievements for the years 2019-2020, which included many activities and achievements, especially its support for government efforts in the developmental fields. The Director General of the Department, Dr. Saher Abdul-Kadhim Mahdi, said: The International Cooperation Department has accomplished many activities between 2019 and 2020 in a number of areas, including:

The field of supporting government efforts

As the department provided many activities that contributed to supporting government efforts by mobilizing international support for the purpose of supporting the health sector, services provided to vulnerable groups, and areas of poverty alleviation through training programs and projects directed at fighting the Corona pandemic and adapting to it. In addition to its contribution to following up the work of the I3RF and working on organizing the development and reform direction of the fund in cooperation with the World Bank. In addition to focusing on technical support in the field of training programs provided by international bodies and organizations on the axes related to the pandemic in the field of training and development, stressing that this support included actual training programs by studying the possibility of giving more seats than the quotas allocated to Iraq to the ministries and bodies directly related. On the subject, such as the various ministries and governorates, it also included remote training programs. As well as activating the work of joint committees to cooperate with the international community and work to activate agreements and memoranda of understanding with countries, organizations and agencies, and to benefit from them in the field of availability of support and expertise that contribute to the reconstruction process. And also the orientation towards work and management in the concept of economic diplomacy and its three basic concepts.

The field of organizing, updating and standardizing international cooperation data and files

He added, "The department has approached ministries and international agencies to send their data on the grants registered with them, as well as updating the data of international organizations and agencies that work with the Department of International Cooperation, indicating that the department has prepared a report on the projects funded by international grants and loans, according to the data available in the (DAD) database. ) And IDMS.

The field of organizing international training programs

He pointed out that the International Cooperation Department has set up a mechanism for nominating training courses and how to benefit from them in order to organize training programs with the international community. The nomination mechanism for training courses has been updated to avoid delays that may cause missed training opportunities. In addition to setting up a mechanism to make the most of international experiences in administrative development and development issues, which works to enhance the ability of the Iraqi employee to benefit from the training courses provided by international agencies to the Iraqi government in various fields, and to establish the International Experiences Forum, whose sessions are held periodically and to which the owners of the reports are invited. Evaluate them well to present their reports and open the door to discussions and proposals while honoring the distinguished reports with the aim of sharing knowledge.

The field of agreements, memoranda of understanding, programs and projects

Dr. Saher indicated that the International Cooperation Department has actively contributed to the drafting and conclusion of many agreements, memoranda of understanding and projects for a number of countries and organizations, especially (the United Nations' European Union Organization, the Arab Administrative Development Organization).

The field of paying international contributions

And Dr. Saher: The International Cooperation Department worked to follow up Iraq's contributions to the continuation of its membership, as Iraq's contributions were paid in many organizations and in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.
The field of international relations.

The Director of the General International Cooperation Department explained that the department works in the administration of Iraqi economic diplomacy while activating the continuation of activities related to external development relations in the field of cooperation and development, pointing out that the department is currently in the process of evaluating the current international cooperation activity, and this determines gaps in the field of international relations with countries of importance. Economic relativism, which helps open new horizons of cooperation.

 The field of international reports

And he indicated that the department has dealt with a large number of economic and development reports received from several governmental and international agencies and is working on translating them and sending them to the concerned authorities within the ministry to benefit from them.

 The field of work with non-governmental organizations

He continued, saying: The department has prepared a mission and tasks for the work of the non-governmental organizations department and communicates with the department of non-governmental organizations in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and receives the lists of local organizations registered with them, and work is underway to classify these organizations according to the development sectors.

The field of translation

 Dr. Saher confirmed that the International Cooperation Department worked on developing an integrated plan that includes the technical linking of all the Ministry's translators and their formations for the purpose of preparing development programs and testing them in the field of translation in order to identify and select the most qualified elite among them, leading to the preparation of a group specialized in simultaneous and legal translation.