The Department of Human Development holds a seminar on the team viewer program ...

2021-01-28 233
The Department of Human Development holds a seminar on the team viewer program
The Department of Human Development of the Ministry of Planning held a seminar on the team viewer program. The Director of the Department of Public Human Development, Dr. Maha Abdul Karim Al-Rawi said: The implementation of the multiple tasks and activities that are becoming more complex and diversified due to the variables imposed by the internal and external environment that require continuous and serious cooperation between all relevant parties in addition to On the adoption of innovative methods that will facilitate the completion of these tasks in terms of time and effort and in a way that serves the achievement of the objectives of the government program and the ministerial curriculum. Al-Rawi added, "The Employment and Manpower Department in the Department of Human Development, one of its most prominent tasks is to inventory and analyze the reality and movement of employment in the ministries and agencies not associated with the Ministry of Mosheera." Until that the idea of ​​implementing the Team Viewer program came in the interest of the department and its management and its employees to provide the best and complete the tasks assigned to them within the specified times and in a manner that keeps pace with technological development
Emphasizing that he will overcome the difficulties and obstacles he faces in terms of time, accuracy and comprehensiveness in obtaining the required data and information. Al-Rawi explained that this idea was accepted and supported by opinion-holders in the ministry. Indicating that the suggestion was made to initially test the program on a number of formations and departments of the ministry. Follow up by saying that the program will be implemented with ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry.
For her part, Mrs. Amna Qassem (senior programmer) said: The program is a computer designed by the German company in 2005, designed specifically to connect and control computers remotely and transfer files between them through the number of each calculator and the password between callers and added, "It is sometimes called a program. It indicated that many computer users use this program to fix their computer problems by communicating with specialists in this field, transferring some information and files, or performing certain tasks for them. She explained that anyone can install this program on their own computer. And work on it directly in less than 30 seconds, noting that the first version of the program was launched in 2006 for computer systems, which was very good, as the manufacturer of it launched new versions for smartphones and digital tablets and went on to say that it is one of the programs that gained wide popularity in The last period and it is known for providing distinguished services to its users, such as controlling, controlling, and transferring files for yourself or another person via the Internet.
For his part, Mr. Sirwan Munim (programmer) said: The aim of the program is to link the spss database on the reality and operation of the Ministry of Planning with all ministries, bodies and entities not associated with a ministry electronically, adding, "The program addresses problems in entering the Ministry of Planning's SPSS database and minimizing effort. And the time required to complete this work.