The Legal Department holds a workshop on the course of the legal case ...

2020-12-31 284
The Legal Department holds a workshop on the course of the legal case
The Legal Department of the Ministry of Planning held a workshop on the course of the civil case.
The Head of the Lawsuits and Property Division in the Legal Department, Mr. Omar Ziyad, said: The aim of the workshop is to train the representatives and jurists of the Ministry on how to initiate civil cases before the judiciary and provide them with experience, by teaching them how to write and institute cases and how to appeal them. He added, “Representatives were provided. Legal formulas from prepared regulations.
To the judiciary in order for formulas to be approved in the future when they institute civil cases indicating that among the objectives of the workshop is to prepare, train and qualify the legal staff and representatives of the ministry, whether in the headquarters of the ministry or the services and centers affiliated with the ministry from the legal point of view as well as the intellectual aspect, confirming that the civil lawsuit needs a measure A great deal of information and legal culture, and he continued by saying: that human rights officials have been trained on drafting and preparing the submitted regulations.
Before the judiciary, methods of writing case petitions, how to appeal civil lawsuits, and proceeding with case procedures before the civil judiciary.