In cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), planning holds a w ...

2020-11-18 387
In cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), planning holds a workshop on the hypothetical training course on ("Capacity Building in Livestock and Agricultural Resources and Prevention")
The International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Planning held a workshop on the virtual training course on ("Capacity Building in the Field of Livestock and Agriculture and Prevention") in the presence of the Director General of the Department, Dr. Saher Abdul-Kazem Mahdi and the Assistant Country Director of the Korean Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA) in Iraq Mr. Junk Jun Yunk and the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and the organization by the KOICA Agency with the participation of associates from the Ministry of Agriculture. Mahdi said that the International Cooperation Department is working to coordinate with international organizations, especially the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), and to continue expanding it in various fields. He added that the Korean Agency for International Cooperation provided support in establishing an electronic training hall (a classroom) in which it organized the first course entitled (Capacity Building for Animal and Agricultural Diseases Control and Prevention) with the participation of affiliates from the Ministry of Agriculture, calling on ministries to organize courses in various fields. He continued by saying: The International Cooperation Department had previously sent a request for its needs to the Korean Agency for International Cooperation to achieve a kind of integration to bridge the gap that we have in the field of training and gain experience as a result of the conditions that the world is going through due to the Corona outbreak because the courses were organized in the past, some of them inside Iraq and some others Outside, but today most of them are organized (by default) remotely via the Internet, expressing hope that more courses will be implemented in this field.
For his part, the Associate Director of the KOICA Office in Iraq said that this training program was implemented in Iraq and they were not sent to Korea due to the Corona pandemic, and he added that the training program will be remote via the Internet (virtual), and as for applying for training programs, it will be by filling out the forms before. The Iraqi ministries and continued by saying: We received many of the ministries ’needs regarding training programs, expressing hope that our future training programs and projects will be of the required level. It is worth noting that the workshop included a presentation entitled Supporting cognitive capabilities and qualifying the technical staff in the Plant Protection Department through a training program that corresponds to the tasks and work of the department, including the lessons learned from the training program.