The Ministry of Planning concludes its sustainable development conference, with an emphasi ...

2020-10-25 394
The Ministry of Planning concludes its sustainable development conference, with an emphasis on strengthening partnership with the private sector, universities, civil society and the media
Today, Thursday, the work of the conference held by the Ministry of Planning to review the sustainable development agenda and prepare a recovery plan that responds to the economic and social challenges of Covid 19, which was held in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, was concluded.
The Undersecretary for Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher Hammad, stressed in a speech during the last session of the conference the importance of flexibility and responding to the current situation and future extent as a vision, as well as the importance of statistical indicators, and the focus on social dimensions in the current stage such as health, education and social care. The role of the media in all its names (read, audio and social communication) in achieving sustainable development. Indicating a greater role for universities and academics, and greater exploitation of their relationship with youth. He called for supporting the establishment of government funds (initiatives), with effective and innovative mechanisms with the participation of civil society, youth and local governments.
For her part, the Administrative Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Azhar Hussain, said, and we must focus on some bright aspects and measures that the government has worked on despite the intertwining challenges that afflicted our country and the world, adding that the challenges began in our country with a financial and security crisis from mid-2014 and negatively reflected on many axes. And sectors in the country. She added that the country was exposed to other challenges such as the Corona pandemic, the low price of oil, and its negative repercussions on Iraq. She indicated that the government has taken a number of decisions issued in mid-2015 until now to address the financial and security crisis. And she continued by saying: We worked in the Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the House of Representatives, ministries and the State Council, to issue a draft law on partnership between the public and private sectors, and we believe that it is the only implementer not at the present time but in the future as well. And she stressed the importance of the partnership project between the public and private sectors to move out of the rentier economy into an open market economy. She indicated that the Partnership Law has been read, first and secondly, in the House of Representatives, and we hope to pass it due to the positive aspects of this law in increasing economic growth and limiting the phenomenon of the budget deficit as well as improving the citizen's income level.