Within the sessions of the Development Agenda Review Conference, organized by the Ministry ...

2020-10-25 405
Within the sessions of the Development Agenda Review Conference, organized by the Ministry of Planning ... Emphasizing the role of academics in achieving sustainable development goals
For the second day, the sessions of the expanded conference continued to review the development agenda towards a recovery plan that responds to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, which is being held by the Ministry of Planning and with the support of the United Nations Development Program. Iraq, which was headed by Professor of Economic Development at Al-Mustansiriya University, Dr. Wafa Al-Mahdawi.
The Director of the Rafidain Center for Dialogue and Professor of Economic Development at the University of Kufa, Dr. Hassan Latif Kazim, gave the first presentation in which he dealt with the reality of education in Iraq in light of the Corona pandemic, indicating that higher education in Iraq suffers from a problem of mismatch between the developmental requirements of the human forces between numbers Graduates and their quality; There is a gap between what higher education does and what society expects from it.
As for the second presentation by the expert in the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Kamel Al-Kinani, it dealt with the issue of Iraqi youth and capacity building, as he emphasized that it is not possible to build the capabilities of youth except through building the state's capabilities, because youth capabilities are a pillar of sustainable human development.
While the Academy at Al-Mustansiriya University, Dr. Azhar Zayer Jassim, reviewed the role of libraries in achieving the goals of sustainable development, in which she explained that libraries actively contribute to forming public opinion about the importance of achieving free access to information in a fair and equitable manner for all segments of society. While preserving the moral values ​​of societies, and ensuring intellectual freedom.