With the participation of the relevant authorities, the Governmental Contracts Department ...

2020-09-15 448
With the participation of the relevant authorities, the Governmental Contracts Department holds a conference on launching specialized standard documents
The General Government Contracts Department at the Ministry of Planning held a conference on releasing standard documents through the electronic communication program launched by the ministry for all contracting parties on the (Microsoft Teams) program and in cooperation with the integration project. And. The Director General of General Governmental Contracts, Dr. Azhar Hussein Saleh said that this conference, which was held through the electronic communication program, came in the interest of the General Government Contracts Department to maintain communication between the Ministry and the contract departments in the governorates and ministries, which comes due to the current situation represented by the Corona pandemic crisis, in the presence of representatives of ( Ministries, governorates, agencies not associated with a ministry, the University of Baghdad, the ministries of the Kurdistan region, the private sector (154) participants, as the government contracts department announced the launch of the (8) specialized standard documents (sectoral) documents in addition to the medium works document In English, translated and finalized. She explained that the department, in coordination with the Takamul project and the concerned departments in the governorates and ministries, through updating the sectoral documents that were prepared in cooperation with the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which amount to eight specialized documents to fit the legislation in force, as well as these documents were translated into English in addition to To translate Help window. And she continued by saying: In line with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, the standard document that was previously issued under the name (Medicines and Medical Supplies Document) has been divided into four documents, namely: - (Preparing medical devices. Processing medicines and vaccines. Preparing laboratory devices. Preparing medical supplies. ). It is worth noting based on the directives of the Central Authority regarding the government reform program based on the powers granted to the Ministry of Planning under the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. (87) for the year 2004 and the instructions for the formations and tasks of the departments and sections of the Ministry of Planning No. (2) for the year 2012 which stipulated (proposing and preparing standard documents For types of government contracts (as the Ministry of Planning represented by the General Government Contracts Department worked on issuing standard documents, as the purpose of them was: -) Upgrading the Iraqi contractual system in application, standardizing contracting procedures in all contract departments and formations, ensuring the implementation of the contract in the manner decreed for it. Issuing contract annexes (spare orders).