The Ministry of Planning and UNICEF sign a joint work program, to support children in Iraq ...

2020-03-05 753
The Ministry of Planning and UNICEF sign a joint work program, to support children in Iraq
The Ministry of Planning signed today, Thursday, with the United Nations Child Welfare Organization (UNICEF) the plan of the organization's country program in Iraq for the years (2020-2024), within the framework of the Ministry of Planning to take into account children's issues and advance its reality and the future of Iraq.
The Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, said that this commitment found a pivotal place within the framework of the poverty alleviation strategy and national development plan (2018-2022). Adding that, within the action plan, UNICEF seeks to support the Iraqi government at the national and local levels to accelerate the implementation of children's rights in Iraq. He pointed out that the vision of the country program is that, by 2024, children, adolescents and women in Iraq will benefit from better protection and universal and equitable access to quality basic services. In addition to consulting between UNICEF and the Ministry of Planning as a partner and national coordinator of the action plan, and Johan, the preparation of the plan is a broad consultative process with partners from the ministries (Education, Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Justice), stressing This program will be implemented through joint plans between the Iraqi authorities and UNICEF for a period of two years (2020-2021). Pointing out that this joint work will give priority to supporting accelerated access to health, nutrition and water and sanitation services that help reduce neonatal deaths, infants and children, especially girls and children living in humanitarian situations - to return to school, complete good primary education and move to secondary education Protecting children and women from violence, abuse and exploitation, as well as encouraging the development of adolescents and enhancing their participation.