Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the World Bank organizes an extensive workshop to ...

2019-11-24 817
Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the World Bank organizes an extensive workshop to discuss the Social Fund for Development Law
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, Qasim Enaya Farz, said on Sunday that the ministry has gone a long way towards the completion of the Social Fund for Development Law, which will have an important role in two directions. The communities that will be supported by the Fund will have a key role in choosing the service projects they need, a principle that will restore the relationship and strengthen the relationship between the government and society, and thus will enhance mutual trust between the two sides and this will be reflected positively on the mechanisms of project implementation. The second represents a new path of social protection in Iraq, as it will adopt an interest in providing basic services to poor communities and providing them with access to basic services.
This came during the presence of the Undersecretary representing the Minister of Planning Dr. Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi, a workshop held in Istanbul, to discuss the draft law of the Social Fund for Development with the participation of a number of members of the House of Representatives, representatives of the World Bank, and a number of advisers to the Council of State and Director General of the Fund Najla Ali Murad and Head of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
He added that the Social Fund for Development is a five-year project with a total value of about $ 300 million and aims to improve access to basic services and increase temporary employment opportunities in the targeted communities, noting that these objectives will be achieved through financing sub-projects. Community-based education, health, water and economic infrastructure sectors; in addition to supporting the strengthening of the funding system for capacity development of MFIs and capacity building.
The World Bank Representative, Mr. Rene Solano, stated the Bank's readiness to support the efforts of the Iraqi government in the success of the experience of the Social Fund for Development, which will have an important role in supporting the poor and access to services, pointing out that the World Bank has provided a soft loan to Iraq worth 200 million dollars to finance Reconstruction projects in the liberated areas, in addition to the loan granted to Iraq worth 300 million dollars to finance projects of the Social Fund for Development, stressing that the next phase will witness an increase in the pace of the work of the Fund, after the completion of all plans associated with the implementation of projects and provide financial coverage As well as the adoption of the Fund Law which will make it an independent institution.
The deputies expressed a number of observations, ideas and visions that contribute to the strengthening of the fund law, which is hoped to be discussed and approved by the House of Representatives soon, and the deputies who participated in the workshop, MP Mohammed Shi'a Sudanese, MP Dr. Majida Tamimi, MP Mohammed Darraji, MP Fian Sabri, MP Huda Sajjad and MP Mithaq al-Hamdi.
In a related context, the participants reviewed the experience of Yemen in the establishment of the Social Fund presented by Mr. Khalid Mohieldin from the World Bank, in which he pointed to the Fund's success factors of legal framework and community ownership of interventions and to promote confidence, flexibility and effective policies in human resources management.
For her part, the Executive Director of the Social Fund for Development reviewed a comprehensive review of the important steps achieved towards the implementation of service projects financed by the Fund, especially service projects in three provinces are Muthanna, Salahuddin and Dohuk, and it is hoped to include seven new governorates next year, while All governorates will be included in 2021.
The workshop witnessed extensive discussions on the Social Fund for Development law, the mechanisms of the Fund's work and sources of funding, the nature of the service projects to be funded by the project, and the role of local communities in the selection and implementation of these projects.
Participants also discussed the mechanisms of communication and addressing grievances and progress, and steps to develop the institutional work of the Social Fund for Development.