The Ministry of Planning is considering the possibility of developing two new governorates ...

2019-07-18 887
The Ministry of Planning is considering the possibility of developing two new governorates

The Ministry of Planning announced Monday that it is considering the possibility of creating two new provinces in Iraq.

The Ministry of Planning, headed by Minister of Planning Dr. Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi, asked the local governments in Diwaniyah and Wasit governorates to provide The basic requirements that meet the requirements and planning standards, to raise the degree of districts of Al-Shamiyya and Souwaira to the level of province, noting that the process of development, comes in accordance with the provisions of the provincial law No. 21 of 2008, which requires the ratification of majority to make administrative changes to the districts, districts and villages by merging, developing or changing their names and centers, and the consequent administrative formations within the boundaries of the governorate, on the proposal of the Governor or one-third of the members of the Council with the consent of the absolute majority of the councils concerned with the change, The development of the province requires the support of the heads of the administrative units (districts and districts) to be joined to the proposed governorate, as well as the support of the representatives of the two proposed governorates (Shamiyya and Souwaira) and the administrative units to be joined and support the representatives of the two provinces of members The House of Representatives and the members of the provincial council and the general support of the elders and elders of the tribes in the cities and villages, which will join the provinces of Shami and Essaouira proposed.

Al-Hindawi said that the ministry called on the governments of Diwaniyah and Wasit to submit an economic, technical and urban feasibility study including (population, potential and comparative advantage in terms of large, small and medium industries, large agricultural areas, irrigation projects, large dams, dams, reservoirs and water bodies) , Infrastructure of railways and roads between major cities, a network of connecting roads between urban and rural centers, public services from schools, institutes, colleges, health centers and places of worship), stressing that one of the planning criteria for developing The number of urban centers (towns) and rural villages with basic plans of ratification, as well as other development potentials, such as those included in the World Heritage Regulations, and the areas affected by development, as a result of wars, drying marshes and border or remote areas, if any.

"The two local governments in Diwaniyah and Wasit are also required to provide maps and profiles of the districts and areas to be annexed to the proposed Shamiyya and Souwaira governorates as an indication of the existing or proposed urban centers, to adopt one of the centers for the new governorate, Classified according to the law of municipalities for the year 1964.