The ministry of planning searched with the European Union the joint cooperation program fo ...

2019-07-18 936
The ministry of planning searched with the European Union the joint cooperation program for the next stage

Deputy Minister of Planning for Technical Affairs Dr. Maher Hammad Johan on Wednesday received the Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq, Mr. Raymond Belkoa, on the occasion of the end of his work in Baghdad.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Director General of International Cooperation in the Ministry, Dr. Dham Al-Azzawi, reviewed the reality of the joint relations between Iraq and the European Union, and presented by the Permanent Mission of the Union to support the efforts of the Iraqi government in various fields.

He also praised the role of Mr. Ramon and his efforts during his tenure in Baghdad, describing the last stage of the mission, because it was rich in rotation and witnessed the implementation of many important events by the European Union, referring to the agreement of partnership and cooperation between the two countries, The mission in the fulfillment of the pledges of the Union announced at the Kuwait donors conference last year, which amounted to 400 million euros in the form of a grant to help Iraq to restore stability to the post-urgent and the development of the oil sector, pointing out that the next phase of joint relations will be better, M The development cooperation sector, the development of the agricultural sector and the advancement of the Iraqi private sector, as well as other areas of cooperation that complement the work done previously, and wished Mr. Raymond Belkoa success in his new duties.

Mr. Belkwa, praised the level of cooperation between the mission of the Union and the Iraqi government in general, and the Ministry of Planning in particular, indicating that this cooperation resulted in the completion of many of the tasks in Iraq, contributed to the improvement of the development reality and the provision of services to Iraqis, In the provision of more support for Iraq, especially in the implementation of joint projects between the countries of the European Union on the one hand and the Iraqi government on the other.