In the presence of experts from the World Bank Central Statistical Organization discusses ...

2019-07-10 925
In the presence of experts from the World Bank Central Statistical Organization discusses the form of social and economic survey of the family in Iraq for the year 2019

The workshop was supported by the World Bank. The workshop was attended by a number of experts from the World Bank, Mr. Sabah Mahfouz Fadhil from the province of Dohuk, and Mr. Shawan Abbas Khader from the Kurdistan Region Statistics Authority and the staff of the Central Bureau of Statistics. Information Technology and Living Conditions Director Dr. Fadhel Nayoukh discussed the form, the mechanism of using the dedicated program and the design of the main menu within the program and the tablets, which serve the IT department directly in the process of entering and transferring data within the Workers of statistical surveys and the general census of the population and the skills of staff in the field of information technology.

The participants were divided into two groups: the first was the programs, written by the follow-up and training of the expert from the World Bank, Ms. Beaters Z Godoy, and the discussion of the program prepared and reflect the required observations. Mr. Abbas Abdel Kadhim Mohamed, Director General of the Information Technology Department, Participants and programmers to provide them with information that serves this work and development of skills and the exploitation of their experience in working in this area and other areas that belong to the surveys carried out by the Central Statistical Organization.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Bureau of Statistics has been keen to prepare plans to form a road map to guide the paths of development, it is aware that the construction of the development plan must be based on a solid information and comprehensive and highlighted by the Central Bureau of Statistics is the implementation of such statistical surveys to reveal the living reality of the individual And the Iraqi family. The Central Statistical Organization is also the reference authority for statistical work in Iraq. The data of the social and economic survey provide the necessary information to understand the causes of poverty among the Iraqi family at the current stage.