Ministry of Planning: More than 300 projects are under way in the capital Baghdad distribu ...

2019-04-03 999
Ministry of Planning: More than 300 projects are under way in the capital Baghdad distributed between the investment program and the development program of the regions

The Ministry of Planning on Tuesday revealed the existence of (305) projects being implemented in the capital Baghdad distributed by (180) projects within the investment budget, and 125 projects within the program of regional development, while the completion of a series of other service projects until the end of 2017.

The official spokesman of the ministry, Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, said that the projects mentioned were distributed among various sectors within the municipal boundaries of the capital, as well as in the districts and districts of the province of Baghdad. He pointed out that the projects of the investment budget, rehabilitation of the field of eastern Baghdad and the complex of hydrogenation and improvement of gasoline and environment and a project to develop the reservoir industry And the construction of 179 schools in different areas of the capital, including the replacement of elevators in the city of medicine with the processing and installation of new elevators outside, and rehabilitation of Baghdad International Airport, and the project to remove the symptoms of the water project Rusafa and the extension networks For pure water discharge to new residential neighborhoods, and other projects.


He added that the development projects of the 125 provinces, which are being implemented by the province of Baghdad, have included other sectors in the fields of irrigation, water, sewage, electricity, roads and the environment, including the establishment of (53) pedestrian bridges and the establishment of pilot valves in the areas of laboratories And Baquba tourism and the people and seven palaces and the island and the coast of Taji and Sabiyat Salamiyat and Abu Ghraib old, and the design and implementation of three hospitals of 200 and 400 beds in the areas of people and freedom and freedom, and the establishment of 17 health centers and 3 specialized centers for teeth .. And other projects are different.

He pointed out that other projects have been completed during the last period within the program for the development of regions, including the completion of 14 bridges and tunnels in the capital Baghdad completed by the end of 2017, pointing to the completion of a joint sewer network with a hidden submersible to serve a number of alleys in Mahalla (893) Within the division of the municipality of Rashid, as well as the completion of the project to develop the urban landscape of the heritage areas in the city of Baghdad.