To achieve economic diversification and sustainable development Planning A seminar on the ...

2019-04-03 974
To achieve economic diversification and sustainable development Planning A seminar on the mechanism of implementation of the private sector development strategy 2014-2030

Within the series of self-development sessions, the Training Division of the Human Resources Section of the Administrative and Financial Department carried out a self-development session for the 2019 training plan. Implementation Mechanism for the Private Sector Development Strategy 2014-2030. Presented by Mr. Naji Hussein, Research Associate, Department of Economic and Financial Policies / Department of Market and Private Sector Development PSD said: The vision of a national private sector development symposium must be dynamic and prosperous, a local initiative, a regional competitor, and a global integrator, with a view to achieving economic diversification and sustainable development, creating employment opportunities

He explained that the strategy aims to be a road map to consolidate the government's efforts to develop the private sector in the period (2013-2030) through achieving a high level of operational capacity of infrastructure and also reach the employment rate in the private sector at least 60% of the total employment, In addition to the percentage of private sector investment (50%) of the total annual investments as well as the completion of the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, and the integration of companies winning them in the market economy led by the private sector,

Indicating that the strategy of developing the private sector requires the adoption of the general budget on imports from the export of oil as public sector projects suffer from slackness due to underemployment as well as low productivity, high production costs and inability to compete with foreign goods and also rising current expenditures because of the increase in the number of employees in state institutions Because of the responsibility of the state to create jobs and there are almost paralyzed potential in the private sector that can make a difference in the structure of the Iraqi economy through the establishment of private enterprises and also enter into partnerships with the public sector, which called on the government to To develop the private sector and adopt an economic policy in which the private sector is a real partner and prepare a strategy for the development of the private sector 2014-2030 prepared by the board of advisors and international partners. He explained that the challenges facing the private sector's work and development include lack of trained labor, Lack of clarity of vision for the role and importance of the private sector for development.