Ministry of Planning discussed with the European Union and the World Bank the reconstructi ...

2019-03-26 940
Ministry of Planning discussed with the European Union and the World Bank the reconstruction efforts and the development of the provinces

Deputy Minister of Planning Dr. Maher Hammad Johan on Tuesday discussed with a delegation from the European Union and the World Bank a number of common issues concerning the role of the Union and the World Bank in supporting and financing infrastructure projects and services in liberated areas and other governorates through grants to Iraq in this field.

During the meeting, which was attended by Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq, Mr. Ramon Belkoa, the two sides stressed the importance of continuing joint cooperation and making full use of the international grants Iraq received during the Kuwait donors conference last year, stressing joint efforts towards uniting national and international efforts to support the efforts of the Iraqi government. Reconstruction and recovery and development in the liberated governorates and other provinces.

They discussed a number of service projects being implemented in the governorate of Basra and other governorates, funded by the European Union, which include work on achieving governance and providing more job opportunities through supporting the private sector and the agricultural sector and implementing water projects. Iraq Strategy contained in the Five-Year Development Plan 2018-2022 and the Reconstruction Plan and the Iraq Vision for Sustainable Development 2030.