The Consultative meetings planning and conclude with the ESCWA region ...

2017-11-21 2072
The Consultative meetings planning and conclude with the ESCWA region

The Ministry of Planning and consultative meeting concluded with the Organization for the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), which came within the ESCWA delegation visit to Iraq, which continued for three days in order to work to support the Iraqi government on the level of economic and social development. The deputy of the Ministry of Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan: that the aim of the visit of the team of ESCWA member countries to Iraq was to develop a plan for the coming years to work with Iraq to build a strategic partnership with Iraq. Noting that the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, has the potential of technical expertise and informative training is very large and has the ability to transfer the experiences and broadening of conception. He explained that this visit associated in the preparation of the plan for two coming from the President of the Regional Organization commissioned by Dr. Mohamed Ali Hakim, a commendable initiative, the group is continuing with him since the beginning. He added that ESCWA team  met with all the ministries concerned (planning, labor and social affairs, foreign affairs), most of the Iraqi ministries to determine the requirements of the next stage and plans of these ministries until there is twins between what needs to be elaborated by the Organization and the best results. On its part, the Deputy Secretary-General said ESCWA Executive, Dr.  Khawla Mattar: that such a visit would not be the last, but is the first seed of the  ESCWA cooperation with Iraq through the dispatch of experts in various fields, and communicate with all the focal points in relevant ministries and bodies, and added that the role of the ESCWA region comes through contributing to provide expertise and support for Iraq policy in the policies and strategies and familiarized the General Assembly to be an integrated and multidimensional in order to be economic dimension at the expense of the social dimension and not be governance and justice at the expense of the market economy .