The Minister of Planning congratulates the Iraqis on Christmas and New Year

2019-12-24 32
Today, Tuesday, Minister of Planning, Dr. Nouri Al-Dulaimi congratulated the Iraqi people on the occasion of Christmas and the coming of the New Year, asking the Lord Most High to make these days good and safe days for the Iraqis.

This came during Dr. Nuri al-Dulaimi’s reception of a number of Christian ministry employees, stressing the importance of the sacrifices made by the Iraqis, and the spirit of brotherhood that they have long known, and which in turn eliminated terrorist and sectarian schemes, pointing to the role that our heroic security forces have provided in all its forms, to restore life to all regions She was defiled by the hand of terrorism.

On the occasion of these blessed days, the Minister directed his sincere prayers to God Almighty, to preserve Iraq and the Iraqis, heal their sick and wounded, and accept their martyrs.