The Minister of Planning discusses the service reality of Diyala Governorate with a number of the province's deputies

2019-12-18 43
The Minister of Planning, Dr. Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi, received today, Wednesday, in two separate meetings, the representatives of Diyala Governorate, Mrs. Hawazen Al-Shammari and Mr. Mudher Al-Karawi. During the two meetings, the service reality of Diyala Governorate was discussed, and the most prominent challenges facing the completion of projects in the provinces, districts and villages of the province.

And Dr. Nuri Al-Dulaimi explained during the two meetings the efforts that the ministry went on to achieve at the level of Iraq to resume the implementation of suspended and lagging projects for which 70% of the budget was allocated, and to implement more new projects for which 30% of the budget was allocated, pointing out the importance of the role of the governorate’s representatives and their activities Community support in the central and local governments, and their exercise of the oversight role during project implementation phases.

Meanwhile, the Minister directed to provide the allocations and working conditions necessary for the completion of the Hamrin lake dam road project, which became out of service due to the high level of the lake water, which caused the isolation of areas (Jalawla, Saadiyya, Qarah Tabah) and Khanaqin district from the governorate center.

For his part, Representative Mudar Al-Karawi appreciated the efforts of the Minister of Planning and his efforts in providing the necessary conditions for efforts to restore stability and reconstruction in the province, while Representative Hawazin Al-Shammari expressed her sincere appreciation for the efforts of the Minister of Planning in securing the allocations and conditions appropriate to rehabilitate the (Baghdad - Kirkuk) road.