The Minister of Planning announces the Ministry's plans to strengthen decentralized management and Iraq's vision for sustainable development 2030

2018-12-30 285

Minister of Planning Dr. Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi announced on Thursday effective plans to be implemented next year to strengthen the decentralized administration of local governments to achieve the best services for citizens.

Minister of Planning met with the team of experts responsible for the preparation of the voluntary report for Iraq, which included Dr. Wafaa Al-Mahdawi, Dr. Kamel Al-Kanani, Dr. Adnan Yassin and Dr. Hassan Latif. Their report will be presented next year at the UN Level, in the light of global trends to achieve the goals of sustainable development.


Dr. Dulaimi said during the meeting, which was attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs Dr. Maher Hammad and representative of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, Dr. Sundus Abbas, that the ministry will launch a special platform for sustainable development in order to promote and promote the vision of Iraq 2030.


The participants stressed the importance of the private sector, education and civil society organizations in the task of sustainable development and to obtain all means of support and international capabilities to achieve the results felt by the Iraqi citizen in his daily reality in the days.