Dr. Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi assumed his duties as Minister of Planning and confirmed that the Ministry of Planning should stay away from the disputes

2018-12-24 263

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi, stressed that the responsibility of the Ministry of Planning is great, it represents the mind that thinks for the rest of the state institutions, which is concerned with controlling the compass of development and reconstruction and providing services in Iraq.

Dr. Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi received the ministry portfolio and began his duties as minister of planning on Sunday, the ministry's media office said.

The ministry quoted Minister Nuri al-Dulaimi as saying that "We will work during the next stage to strengthen professionalism in the Ministry of Planning, which is characterized by professional work, specialized, away from the interactions". He pointed out that he will try to work in a spirit of one team "so that we can adjust the compass, in the right direction, and we are moving towards the desired goal, "hoping the next will be better.

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Nuri al-Dulaimi, held an extensive meeting with the ministry's advanced agents, who included the ministry's agents, the inspector general, the heads of the departments and the general managers. They provided a brief explanation of the main issues, tasks, plans and strategies implemented by the Ministry of Planning.