The ministry of Planning discussed Iraq participation in the review of its first voluntary report at the 2019 High-level Political Forum

2018-12-13 200

The Minister of Finance / Minister of Planning and the Minister of Planning, Dr. Fuad Hussein, chaired an expanded meeting of the Follow-up Cell for Sustainable Development Goals to discuss the mechanisms and preparations to be made in the context of preparations by the Iraqi Government to participate in the review of his first voluntary report at the 2019 High- Which will be held in July next year 2019 in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers and agents of the Ministry of Planning and a number of Directors-General as well as agents of ministries and members of the Committee of representatives of the ministries concerned and non-associated with the Ministry. Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in his speech during the meeting: This is my first and third meeting of the cell concerned with the participation of Iraq in the review of its first voluntary report at the High-level Political Forum for 2019. He added that the Committee has continued since 2006 with the goals of development development, ), Stressing that the goal of the cell is to establish an institutional basis does not change people change, especially as we are at the beginning of a new stage with a new government after Iraq has passed the stage of the war on terrorism. He pointed out that the previous meetings discussed the general framework of the 2030 Agenda and the identification of the programs and policies implemented by the ministries to be included in the first follow-up report to the goals of sustainable development. He added that this meeting will discuss the inclusion of Iraq's first national voluntary review within the high-level forum in New York, noting that this report is not only a mechanism to follow up national development efforts or just the preparation of national reports, but a catalyst for long-term participatory work and a tool to redraw the roles of partners Identify mechanisms for dealing with each other, as well as an opportunity to stand on achievements, identify gaps and analyze the causes of shortcomings and correct the course. The Minister commended the previous efforts of the institutions involved in the implementation of Agenda 2030, which had made considerable efforts in sustainable development and which had resulted in agreeing to include Iraq in the list of countries presenting its voluntary report. In spite of the difficult security and political conditions in the previous period. The Minister expressed the hope that these meetings will continue, cooperation and coordination to contribute to improving the quality and quality of life of the citizen, but we are all confident that we can strengthen our capabilities and continue our path towards sustainable development. For his part, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Dr. Mahdi Al-Alak said that this meeting of the cell to follow up Iraq's preparations for the preparation of the periodic report on the subject of voluntary follow-up to the goals of sustainable development in 2030. He added that the meeting included the presentation of the vision of Iraq 2030 in detail and commented on this vision in various details by the members of the Committee, stressing that it was agreed on a set of decisions, including continuing to send notes and prepare to hold a large workshop in the presence of provincial committees to complete the preparation of the periodic report a month ago March of next year. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher Hammad, gave a presentation on Iraq's participation in the review of his first voluntary report at the high-level political forum as well as the addition of sustainable development to the new government program during a follow-up meeting meeting the goals of sustainable development. The final outcome of the vision and the voluntary submission of Iraq to its report to the United Nations, which includes this international participation as well as the annual follow-up report, which must be reviewed by the basic cell, which is shared by all ministries. He pointed out that the meeting came out with a set of decisions related to setting a time horizon to extract Iraq's vision in its final form and based on the voluntary report that Iraq will submit to the United Nations for its voluntary participation as well as forming a team to study the alignment of the governmental program with the goals of sustainable development. For her part, the Director General of the Executive Directorate of the Strategy for Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Najla Ali Murad, gave a presentation on the Iraq Vision 2030, in which she stated that Iraq is going through a pivotal phase of building and strengthening the state after the victory over terrorist organizations and the return of social harmony under international support. Current conditions can provide an unprecedented historical opportunity to achieve the desired development change. This is evidenced by the increased aspirations of Iraqis to a brighter day by improving quality of life. "The vision is a roadmap for what Iraqis are looking for in the future, and how they want their country and society to move forward," she said. As well as an inventory of national priorities and areas of future political intervention for the present Government and Governments. "The vision provides the world and the donors with an opportunity to see what Iraq wants and where they can work. The Director General of the Regional Development Department, Dr. Mohammed Al-Sayed, spoke about the first follow-up report on the goals of sustainable development, as well as adding an end to the 2030 Agenda related to the unexploded ordnance left by the wars in Iraq.

It is worth noting that Iraq will present a detailed report on the progress achieved in achieving the 17 sustainable development goals during the meeting. Iraq will be among a number of States participating in this forum to submit its voluntary review reports to the international community.