The acting Minister of Planning, Mr. Fouad Hussein, headed a meeting with ministry's deputies and general managers

2018-11-06 209

The acting Minister of Planning, Mr. Fouad Hussein, during a meeting of the deputies and the heads of formations and general managers, the need to be clear economic vision to achieve the developmental ambition that is consistent with the reality of Iraq. Pointing out that there is a clear imbalance in the implementation and implementation of economic plans and strategies, and this imbalance either be the result of political and security conditions or it is a technical defect linked to the same plans.

"We have to fight for human development in Iraq, especially in the fields of education and health, because they are the basis for improving the economic situation," said Mr. Fouad Hussein, who is finance minister and deputy prime minister for economic affairs. Stressing that we have to be interacting with a wide range with the outside world and this interaction and openness needs to deal with the banks of a solid, pointing out that the change in the economic situation in Iraq has become linked to changing the prevailing culture that turned the community into a pessimistic community to believe in the plans and policies followed by the government, it requires a leadership that works to restore trust by following the policy of action rather than reaction, because action means a long-term vision and planning.

The acting Minister of Planning, Mr. Fouad Hussein, on the importance of implementing the census of the population in 2020 because it represents the construction of a comprehensive database and complete on the development situation in the country, adding that the budget for 2019 will be included financial allocations for the purpose of completing preparations for the implementation of the census.

Mr. Hussein praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Planning. The five-year development plan, poverty reduction strategy, Iraq's vision for sustainable development, the reconstruction of liberated areas, and the private sector development strategy were produced.

In addition, the Undersecretaries of the Ministry and the heads of the organs and the general managers presented a detailed explanation of the ministry's tasks. The meeting was attended by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Planning.