The Minister of Planning and the Dutch Ambassador discuss cooperation in the fields of water, agriculture and private sector development in Iraq

2018-10-11 227

The Minister of Planning and Minister of Commerce, Dr. Salman Jumaili, discussed with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iraq, Matthias Volter, the prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries in the fields of development of water sectors, agriculture and the private sector in Iraq. Dr. Al-Jumaili stressed during the meeting the necessity of activating the joint agreement between the two countries. The next government will develop the water, agriculture and private sector sectors in Iraq. The five-year national development plan set by the ministry has given priority to these sectors because the plan focuses on diversifying the sources of the Iraqi economy and not relying on the oil sector. It is concerned with economic activities that provide employment opportunities for young people. The agricultural sector is the best sector in providing job opportunities and reducing unemployment. The five-year plan gives great attention to this sector as well as to the industrial sector, especially in the fields of using modern technology in agriculture and optimal water use. To protect agricultural products in order to promote agriculture in Iraq. He called on the Dutch companies to participate in the Baghdad International Fair to learn about the latest technological developments in the Netherlands, calling on Dutch companies to transfer their expertise to Iraq in this area. Dr. Al-Jumaili added that the next government faces a number of challenges, most notably restructuring the Iraqi economy so as not to rely on the oil sector, but diversifying resources through the agricultural and industrial sectors and there are other challenges related to the provision of services and electric power. For his part, the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iraq, Mr. Mathias Voltran, said that his country is in the final stages of its strategy for Iraq for the coming years, which are in line with the five-year national development plan set by the Ministry of Planning. He added that this strategy focuses on the development of three sectors, namely water and agriculture, as well as the private sector in Iraq. He pointed out that the water sector is related to the question of how the region deals with water resources, taking into consideration the problems of water, salinity and lack of water as well as the high temperatures that affect the region in general and not just Iraq. He stressed that the main points of focus of the Dutch government in the coming period is improving drinking water Reducing salinity in the water by strengthening the workforce and developing its expertise in this field and making the private sector participate in these events. He pointed out that the Dutch companies expressed their desire to work in the water sector in Iraq, specifically in the southern part of the country in addition to make the most of the existing freshwater, stressing that companies have extensive experience in this field. He added that the other sector is related to the development of the agriculture sector in Iraq. The focus here is on the issue of interruptions between farms and the agricultural market and focus on specific products such as potatoes, flowers and milk as well as fish sector.