In the presence of the Prime Minister ... The Ministry of Planning launches the five-year national development plan for the years (2018-2022)

2018-05-10 195

The Ministry of Planning launched the five-year national development plan for the years (2018-2022) to improve the economic sectors and address the disintegration of the community structures, weak governmental and institutional role, the role of the local private sector and its reluctance to invest under the slogan " Minister of Planning Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Eng. Mohammad Shi'a Al-Sudani, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Ali Al-Alaq and representatives of international organizations working in Iraq, Ambassadors and representatives of ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry, as well as deans of colleges and university professors and civil society organizations, which aims to overcome the funding constraint and provide an appropriate business environment and stimulate the exercise of various economic activities, starting from that proper planning moves the national economy to a new stage more developed. The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili, said in a speech during the celebration of the launch of the plan: The result of Iraq's exposure to successive crises and challenges that the problems have worsened and increased in depth in terms of impact and result, as these conditions are characterized by pressure on human potential, limited employment and weak growth, The great destruction in the infrastructure, which makes the calls urgent to build programs and national plans put everyone to the options of fate, in accordance with policies and programs long to develop human and material potential. "There is no doubt that the interrelated and mutually reinforcing benefits and interests are of interest to all partners and support each other. This is why we call today for a policy of partnership of prosperity and prosperity among all members of society. , And a habitat for the spirit of renewal, innovation, science and talent of creativity, stressing that: We should always look forward to the future, which was drawn by the vision of Iraq 2030 and translated today National Development Plan 2018-2022. He added that the development, reconstruction, renewal and empowerment requires first and foremost to identify the facts of this reality; to see the visions and clarify the criteria to the selection of alternatives and then measuring the results. He pointed out that the plan focused on four pillars of the plan, The main issues that reflect the challenges of reality and the obstacles to development are: governance and related pillars, the private sector, an essential pillar for the advancement and development, and a policy for economic diversification, a roadmap for post-crisis reconstruction and development, The Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi said in a speech on this occasion, "We are interested in the success of this plan, stressing that the state is able to guide it in the right direction, warning of putting the plan on the shelves under the pretext that the reality is changing, pointing out that the state has a responsibility The Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, said: "For the first time, annual budgets will be prepared in a consistent manner and the annual objectives of the five-year development plan 2018-20 22 in implementation of the provisions of Chapter VI of the Financial Management and Public Debt Law No. 95 of 2004, which set the annual federal budget preparation and achieve its objectives in accordance with the annual programs of the National Development Plan. In this regard, we would like to point out that the annual growth rate of the annual target in the plan will exceed 7% and that the contribution of the private sector to the annual investments will increase to 40% of the total investment. " To improve the productive reality, "noting that" the plan does not neglect the targeting of poverty and reduce the current rates of 22 percent of the population because of the effects of terrorism, Daashi through the realization of social aspects in the implementation of the basic strategies in the forefront of poverty reduction strategy as growing economic growth "It is an opportunity to put economic policies on the right tracks for the first time, and the plan provides the tools and objectives of the popular and parliamentary control means to implement the goals of the country in prosperity, development and stability." For his part, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said: "The National Development Plan 2018-2022 is an important step for the broader launch in the framework of the sustainable development journey in accordance with Iraq's Vision 2030, guided by a set of sectoral policies and strategies based mainly on human capital and the environment "He said, adding that it is" ultimately a plan that paves the way for building a future state by addressing the challenges and objectives set out in Vision 2030 and providing new opportunities for growth, particularly with continued international and regional support for Iraq. " In addressing the backwardness of the economic sectors, the disintegration of the community structures, the weak governmental and institutional role, and the small role of the local private sector and its reluctance to invest in order to overcome the underfunding and provide an appropriate and stimulating business environment for the exercise of various economic activities.