The Minister of Planning / Minister of Trade Agency: Iraq is able to reproduce itself and young people are the pillar of construction and reconstruction

2018-06-20 164

The Minister of Planning and Minister of Commerce Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili said that the last four years that have passed through Iraq have been difficult and harsh and represented a great challenge to the existence of Iraq as a state, but Iraqis with their patience and jihad managed to overcome the crisis. Doubt that this country has the potential and energies that enable it to reproduce itself and more powerful and solid.

Dr. Al-Jumaili said in a speech during a meeting with the agents of the ministries of planning and trade, public inspectors and general directors of the two ministries who attended to congratulate them on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. He added that the difficult conditions we faced were beneficial to us because they put us at a crossroads, we are thinking today and planning for a better tomorrow. He called for the need to take advantage of the promising youth energies in the reconstruction process and work to bridge the gap between generations, especially in the field of administrative work through the preparation of young people and rehabilitation to take over the task of building and hand Of without allowing a gap negatively reflected on the reality of life around the year, stressing that there is a great experience formed by the Iraqi cadres in general by addressing the challenges and conditions that we faced during the past years the stage, and will have these experiences a distinct role in the reconstruction and development processes.

Dr. Al-Jumaili praised the efforts of workers in the ministries of planning and trade, especially in the provision of living conditions suitable for the displaced and returnees to their areas. He pointed out that the Ministry of Planning was able to give the world a clear picture of what the areas occupied by the terrorist organization had been through the reports of the damage survey, The Ministry of Commerce and through the courage and bravery of its employees to provide rations for displaced persons and returnees in conditions that were not easy at all, pointing out that the existence of such potentials and energies confirm that the next will be better and that the Iraq is capable of overcoming the problems it will face and will not be greater than the problems we have faced over the past four years.